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Woot Woot..Jamaican mommies Picnic this Sunday

Since forever (well more like since I became a mother) I’ve been looking forward to a suitable forum to bond with other mothers and their kids without feeling guilty (Yes I feel guilty when I bombard my non-mommy friends with all things parenting related) to which I normally get cries of “Oh My God, you are such a mommy”. So you can just imagine how elated I am to finally have my first Jamaican Mommies picnic. My plans always were to have something on a much grander scale, but it is always better to begin small, than to not begin at all.

So I am definately looking forward to seeing all my Jamaican mommies out this Sunday, August 23rd 2 p.m.-5p.m. (The sun might be very hot then and so we might have to take advantage of one of the many trees). I’m sure we will have tons of fun though and we should try to get together a planning committee for future ‘events’. Let’s also keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain on Saturday or Sunday.

For more information, look at our list here and look out for an update via the FB page. I can also be contacted on 307-4534 for any further details.

See you then


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0 thought on Woot Woot..Jamaican mommies Picnic this Sunday

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm excited too Shan. I just know that no matter the number, we'll be sure to have fun.

  2. KERRY says:

    I hope your picnic was a wonderful one. Looking towards to read about it. Here is a site that I would like to share with you. http://wisejamaican.com

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. Unfortunately Kerry, The picnic didn't happen. It has been postponed due to too many last minute cancellations.

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