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When the going gets tough

Until today, all seemed a breeze in the life of a mother. I’ve been experiencing all things blessed, happy and remarkable… until today.

Its in moments like these that one sometimes ponder the fact that no matter what you do, you can and never will control some influences in your life.

It also begs one to address the issue of never being totally super, omnipotent or surreal. No matter how much you try to be a good mother, friend, lover, it makes sense to remember that just one minuscle element can break what would have otherwise been a perfect record.

This one element usually comes on unexpectedly and sack you in the back before you have time to anticipate the blow. Yet sometimes this ‘blow’ is relatively tiny and so goes unnoticeable until it festers and becomes an annoying and irritating sore. Yes sometimes, its like that seemingly elusive mosquito who goes in for the sting, you feel a mere pinch and before you can reach out to correct the problem, it is well on its way. Then at other times it is like a mere prick from a needle that you shrug off until you realise it has slowly been poking a bigger and bigger hole at the spot.

So now I know…i will always try to be the best, to give the best and to receive the best, but I will always remember that when the going gets tough, I have to accept that some things I will never be able to change, alter or defer. Some things will just have to play their natural course and be as much a part of life as the good elements we enjoy daily. So since I’ll always remember this I’ll remain OK with the fact that today I caught the flu (smiles…what did you think I was speaking about? lemme know)

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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  1. Chrisan says:

    Cheeky i know, but i thought this was something related to your relationship..lol

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