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What no one told you about being a new mom

This one is for my mommy to be readers.. (Smile Nikki). As a mother of a babbling and very active 6 and a half month older (you can never imagine how much times I have to say DON’T and NO, to which she normally smiles and continues doing whatever) I think I have a fair share of experience to say just what no one told me about being a new mom.

First off, no one told me babies make good pets (feed em, bathe em, cuddle em, take them for a walk, and occasionally let them put their heads close to the car window for fresh air and they’ll be in heaven) lol. Joke aside. Not Funny!

Let’s go:
No one told me I’d be shocked that I can open my legs for doctors, nurses and midwives to see ALL at once.
The pain disappears when the baby appears.
I’d ever be this in love
Live this much for cuddles
Love hearing what some would call an annoying cry
Love changing dirty diapers, wiping a messy mouth
Wanting to sacrifice my ME time for OUR time
Laugh my ass off at the simple things babies do
Go Haywire over how much she’s grown
Become uber protective and proud all rolled in one
Get easily panicky by the slightest instance of any discomfort
No one told me I’d be able to selflessly care for another
Babies teach you patience

Oh and of course, no one told me that:
The vagina could stretch and bounce right back into shape
Sleepless nights are for real
It would become second nature to sense a single cry or even movement in your sleep
No matter how tiny your baby is, you’ll never freak out while holding him/her
Its okay to let the baby cry
It is also okay to take 5 minute baths
If you need help, ask for it
It is okay to think the doctor is ALWAYS right
It is also okay to listen to your parents expertise too
Most importantly, it is wise to research stuff for yourself
Instincts are mostly never wrong
That whole “sleep while the baby sleeps” ‘speech’ is a fallacy
You learn to do EVERYTHING while baby is asleep
It is okay to let someone else keep the baby so you can go get a few hour’s breather
Pumping milk and having someone else feed your baby isn’t a crime.
We have more of a heartache when we’re away from baby than they do.

I surely could go on forever, but all you mommmies,let us know what no one told you about being a new mom and for my new mommies-to-be, ask all the things you want to know about being a new mom.


Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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