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What mothers will really love this Mothers’ Day: Smile Jamaica TV feature and more….

Mama Mia!!! Mothers’ Day is always such a warm fuzzy, cotton cushiony time of the year, the time you may also be tempted to give mommy that sweater that looks just like her cat, the books that tell her way more than she needs to know about the subject at hand, tons of household appliances or other gifts that even with the best of intentions may come across as depressing. Indeed, many mums are way too modest to showcase their disapproval, instead you get the obligatory smile and wave and the general pretence that you gave the best gift ever!! but how about offering mum something that connects on an emotional level? or better yet something that she truly would love.

Last year, Jamaican Mommies joined Smile Jamaica to discuss the business of blogging and On Monday, May 5th, once again hit the Smile Jamaica stage- this time to share tips on what mums are thinking or would really want this mothers’ Day.

On set with fellow momma Simone Clarke-Cooper

Jamaican Mommies Founder and Editor in Chief, Shanoy Coombs (left) on set of ‘Smile Jamaica, its Morning Time” with host Simone Clarke-Cooper

Now have a peek…

In summary, increasing research is showing mums are more keen on gifts that gives them an emotional boost.  Such gifts include:

  1. Compliments
  2. Quality time with family members
  3. Sharing chores
  4. A little bit of breakfast in bed and flowers and meaningful cards still do not hurt. 
  5. Gift Cards to favourite stores and gifts that mums really want are also still winners. 
This is no way suggests that moms will not enjoy a little Mothers’ Day splurge, but the key is to focus on gifts that will really have a meaningful impact. 
Some other homemade options that we absolutely love came courtesy of the Legacy Project
Some standouts:
1. A Memory JarWrite out some of your best memories (a dozen or more) of mom or grandma on small pieces of pretty paper. Include things you’ve done together, favorite family traditions, things she’s done or said that made a difference to you, the best advice she’s given you. Fold them and put them into a jar so that she can “munch on them” over time. A “best memory” note can also open dialogue in a strained relationship. People are often surprised at your best memories of them. You’ll be surprised at how much sharing these memories means to mom or grandma.
2. Photo Bouquet: Collect special photos of mom or grandma, particularly those of the two of you from your childhood. Use duplicates or color copies to create a collage. Or, glue two copies of each photo back-to-back (so the photo is visible from both sides). If you like, make flower shapes using colored construction paper and glue the photos onto the centers. Slip the photos onto the plastic sticks used to hold the card in floral arrangements. Put the sticks into a flower arranging base at different heights and angles. Finish with some ribbon and a few fresh or dried flowers.

3. Replace Buying New Stuff with Sharing “Old Stuff”:Dig deep into drawers, closets, and the basement or attic to find forgotten mementoes – your mother’s old “glam” earrings, an old train ticket or playbill. Share the memories and feelings these keepsakes evoke for both of you. 

The key for just about every Mothers’ Day is to focus on gifts that leaves a lasting impression and is loaded with meaning for mum. 
Speaking of meaningful gifts, the Jamaican Mommies Mothers’ Day Picnic proved to be a perfect family affair- packed with loads of quality time and family fun. 

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