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Vaccinations ugggh- The love/hate relationship

So I figured I haven’t really shared much about my personal experience as a mother, but only recently (This friday in fact) I took my little one for 4 month shots and got to thinking just how much i love (make that appreciate/hate those vaccination thingys.

So first of all she hates all things that she needs to swallow apart from her ‘milky’ of course and so I’ve had constant struggles trying to get her to swallow any form of medicine. So you can imagine how much red stained clothing items i now have from spillovers of the Baby’s panadol. I mean i could have easily pinched her nose as is customary in Jamaica, but i hate seeing the look of terror in her little eyes and have therefore moved beyond that route.

Moving along to the actual visit, my little ‘spitter’ got the new oral rota virus vaccine to prevent against cases of gastroenteritis and guess what she LOVED it. No spitting, she literally gulped that thing down and even started a fuss when it was done..Funny eh? then came time for the triple part shots and just seeing that needle made my heart move, so i was kindly asked to turn away while my sister was given the grand task of holding little Kailee down for the dreaded shots. Now i know this is supposed to be beneficial for her or whatever, but can’t these needles get any shorter?

In the end though my lil champ took this all much better than i thought since 5 minutes after she was her bubbly self and even though she ran a fever the day after, I somehow felt that until I could find an alternative such as Dr. Sear’s vaccine schedule then I’d at least try to be optimistic about the number of shots she receives.

For the benefit of all moms out there, here’s the WHO’s schedule for vaccinations in Jamaica. You can also find a full breakdown of local vaccination information here

I will continue to read up on all these vaccinations though and encourage all parents to do the same, you just might be blown away at what you can find out and while you are at it let us know how you deal with vaccinations and also please do share how you get your little one to actually take a full dosage of medicine. Just to digress, i saw a pacifier in Michi that allows for fluids such as medicine, but i know the instant Kailee tastes that she’d simply spit the entire paci out. You can see what it looks like here though

And as ever share your thoughts on this post and if there’s anything you need to know, just ask and i’ll get the answers for you.


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0 thought on Vaccinations ugggh- The love/hate relationship

  1. asharee says:

    I do not like the needles myself and was beside myself the 2 times I had to take lil missy to get hers so far. She did better than I did because I sure cried. There was little shame in my game I tell ya. Although she screamed initially, she was all good after the event. I am still hesitant about them as I still think the mercury (or whatever is harmful in these vaccinations or maybe it's the number of shots in one go) can have side effects. I am very watchful after to see how she behaves and so far she has been ok, just a little cranky for some time. I wish there was another way to protect them against these so called deadly diseases. Until then I will have to stand at the door while the nurses do their thing :(.

  2. I sure feel your pain Asharee..The nurse always tells me to turn away ūüôĀ

  3. Anonymous says:

    Watching a child being injected by those long ugly steels are one of the worst thing a mother could witness. I have always been scared of needles, but i have never felt more pain than helplessly watching my lil gurl being poked by long thing. It's a good thing her dad was there because they had to give me a chair to sit i was too emotional.

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