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The Terrible Twos- What I have learnt

Hi Mommies,
Wow has it been ages!!! While it was never my intention to let this blog ever go unattended, the realities of being a working mum to a 2 year old and an equally demanding 30-ish year old child :-), has somehow made things slip along the way. But boy, do I have a lot to share… Let me just first off that the term ‘terrible twos’ was not just some fancy term pulled from a hat- It is as real as the two year old angel-looking child that’s sleeping peacefully as I type, as it is like the 2 year old semi-monster that appears when she’s awake.

But for all the time that my beloved blog has not had its blank canvas filled with tales of how to survive as a mom (yes survive), rest assured, I have been learning a whole lot, which I’ll make as concise as possible below:

1. A toddler is quite an individual
– Its amazing actually how their personalities just suddenly shine through, a far cry from the teeny, curled up mass you brought home from the hospital.

2. That term “Children live what they learn”..believe it! Its amazing how swiftly a child picks up on your tones, the phrases you use, your ‘angry voice’, your ‘disciplinary actions’ etc and readily copy and repeat often to the amazement of friends and family members who cant believe the exactness with which they relay things you so often do.

3. Oh yes and again that term “children are like little sponges’ that too is true beyond belief
Mind you, they may not immediately repeat or display what they have previously absorbed, but don’t be surprised when days down the line you hear the very words you uttered being repeated.

4. Toddlers have a sense of humour– “Mommy you’re funny”, “Knock knock daddy” are just a few ways in which they let their funny sides shine through. Their little sense of humour certainly makes you appreciate them as little human beings and not just tiny, moveable beings.

5. Toddlers are demanding: Whew! I’ve had a rough run trying to figure out why my 2 y-o doesn’s seem to understand “In a bit” “later” or “tomorrow”, but now I know for a fact that they are hardwired to get things done here and now and they demand accordingly.

6. Toddlers can be manipulative: Yes! believe it. The first time my 2 y-0 made a mess she cupped her lil hands over her mouth, said “Oh no, I made a mess”, followed by “I’m sorry mommy, don’t cry” my heart just melted- There was a part of me that couldn’t reprimand that cute little thing looking so truly apologetic. Yet as time went by, I realised it is a definite strategy. These days, almost as suddenly as lil one discovers she did something wrong the uh-oh moment comes along with the “I’m sorry”… So we’re still working on going beyond the cuteness while reprimanding wrongdoings. Oh, just to add as well, a newer strategy has come in the form of the ‘cuteometer’.. These days she puts her two hands together as if to utter a prayer and say “Please Daddy Please 9sounds more like Peese Daddy Peese” while she jumps excitedly about. Seems to work too as Daddy always breaks down and seems to forget that it is a manipulative strategy.

7. Toddlers can clearly show emotions: Not that you didn’t know this already, but your day certainly becomes lighter when you have two little arms wrapped around you and a soothing little voice that says “Mommy I love you”. Then of course there is the flip side, when a toddler gives the ‘rude aunty Danz’ a side eye and the pointy finger, reprimanding tone and complains to everyone who will listen. At those moments, her ‘upset’ state clearly shines through.

8. Toddlers are jealous! Yes they are! of Daddies, Mommies, other kids, even pets. Just look carefully the next time a neighbor’s baby comes over and mommy seems to spend a little too much time with baby. Don’t be surprised when your toddler suddenly wants to be cradled.

9. Toddlers are a lot smarter than we think and this is so true.. I can already see you nodding in agreement as your toddler or those you have been around would have certainly done something or many things that made you look on in amazement and think “wow he/she is so smart”.. That much said, be very careful what you do around your kids.. Rest assured, if the neighbor doesn’t hear about it the next day, you may hear it repeated next week 🙂

10. Toddlers look up to you
Both literally and figuratively. A mommy or Daddy is like the very best thing to a toddler (until Teacher becomes the idol). They look to you for guidance and a total understanding of how the world works. It is through your actions that they often see the world. So in everything you do, be the very best role model for the children in your life. Remember much, if not all of their molding rests in your grasps, so treat them as the tender, moldable little beings that they are.

So there you have it, just a few thoughts. Feel free to add your very own observations.. I’m already envisioning a possible post (The toddler as cupid) as I remember once when Daddy asked little miss for a kiss, she ran across the room for me, pulled me closer and said “Daddy kiss, Kiss Daddy” awwww

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  1. Glad to see you back, and with some valuable lessons.

  2. Thank you… Hoping to keep it going. I truly enjoy sharing with other mums 🙂

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