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The #BeforeIam30Ja Challenge

A little off our regular programming, but being a momma is preceded by being a person. The adventurous bit in me prompted this post and the affiliated challenge. Do note, this challenge in no way erases the need for more solid and serious life plans, but this is my very fun on the way  to 30 challenge-S. Coombs

Ages and ages and ages ago, I believed I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve by the time I was 30. I scribbled constantly in my notepad and did 5 year revisions ever so often and yet 30 seemed like a lonnnng way off. Fast forward and now I’m almost there!! Yayy or Nayy? Definately Yayy

Most persons when doing the “By the time I am 30 plan” seem to focus on some common ‘things’: House, kid (s), car, dream job, financial security, educational goals etc.  Mostly smart I’d say, but for us mamas, if the kids dare arrive before many of the other ‘things’ were in place, that #BeforeIam30 plan may very well boil down to 2 things: 1. Keep my child emotionally, physically and financially secure and 2. survive life after all the child related expenses :-). Can I get an amen?

Being the adventurer I think I am, I started looking at lots of things to do before you are 30.  The internet brought up several searches but I was particularly intrigued by the AllWomen’sTalk listing as it shared some more fabulous ideas. It spoke to me as a woman and I could in fact check off a few of the things (Paris remains on my Things to do List)

Now, with just a few days to go my mamacitas and my many 19-mid-80’s babies who are rounding off 28, 29 and 30, I give to thee a challenge. If you are 28, you still have some time. If you are rounding out at 29, you can get it done ahead of time and if you have just a few more days or until the end of the year to get to 30, enjoy the adrenaline rush and just do it!!

So let’s go on mission #BeforeIam30Ja 

(why didn’t I think of this earlier in the year hmmm) I would’ve taken on the All Women’s talk version, but realize that if I substitute Parishes for States for example, most would have already been done. For my challenge (and I implore you to make your own), #BeforeIam30Ja I plan to have loads of fun!!: << Note PLAN (I have a very active toddler, a too active papa 🙂 and work and everything in between), but still, I plan to:

1. Test Drive your Dream Car (I’ve never been car fancy and frankly have never thought of what would’ve been an ‘ideal’ or ‘dream’ car but hey this should be fun, so which top sales rep to call? Team BMW? Team Benz or Team Audi?) #BeforeIam30Ja

2. Go Fishing- The hubster goes every chance he gets, we have a blow up boat, too many rods and baits that look and feel too real, so its about time I go, if just to sit and take filtered pics for IG 🙂 and if I catch a fish, it will be bonus for daysss. 

3. Eat something that makes you squirm- I still did not swallow a single oyster from that batch of 6 so i’ll revisit that mission. 

4. Learn a New Dance: I could ask a certain Lifestyle reporter/big time dancer  to help me there and there’s also the option to learn new moves from the UN’s Brazilian and Sweden based interns. 

5. Do a new adrenaline pumping activity: The UN does karate classes, so I really should stop and kick azz. Alternately, I could go water skiing on my birthday getaway. 

6. Go Skinny Dipping (At night)- A private pool counts right?

7. Write a Book (I promised my daughter i’d chronicle our adventures with her stuffed moose in a series called Where is Moosie today, Now may be a good time to do so, worse case, i’ll write a poem 😀

8. Sing at a karaoke: (Can you believe I have never? or have I? hmmm Well if I find one, I can do it)

9. Pretend to be someone else for a night: Ha ha ha I’m already rolling on the floor at the thought of someone seeing me out and saying Hey and I look at them with a totally blank face and ask “Do I know you? as I proceed to speak in a faux french mixed with British accent and a name that duly showcases international fusion.  

10. Learn a Rap song from start to finish: This should be fun.  The sole rap song I knew line for line was Eminem’s Cleaning out my closet << Don’t ask as this was the most so unlike me song I should ever know, but I was boss on all those lines word for word!! 

11. Go to church: I do go to church but in this instance I mean my family’s church-where I sang on the choir, led youth programmes and all that good stuff- that should be a very good trip.

12. As a bonus and I think typing that going to church line, I’m adding Forgive someone. I forgive daily I’m sure, but I will REALLY think back to see if I harbour any hard feelings and decide that #BeforeIam30 I will just let it all go!

So, it’s a mere 9 days to go before my birthday!! Take a wild guess if I fall in the NEAR #BeforeIam30Ja bracket or the VERY NEAR #BeforeIam30Ja bracket. 

In any case, the lead up should be awesome, I look forward to completing this mission and I will provide proof each time a mission is completed. 

As an extra padded bonus, suggest some #BeforeIam30Ja challenges below.  If it is something I have never done before and the time frame allows, who knows I am in a grand mood and may actually take it on. Have you ever done a #BeforeIam30 (25, 40, 50 whatever age) challenge? Do you want to start one now? Let’s do it! and when this is done and when I finally hit 30 (with God’s grace) I will issue myself a more ‘grown and focused’ #NowThatIam30Ja challenge. 

Let the #BeforeIam30Ja Challenge begin!!


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Thomas Jefferson
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  1. RANE says:

    Great Blog you have here … I just "joined your site" Will definitely keep reading

  2. Thank you my dear. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Do return soon

  3. Diane Wilson says:

    Amazing list you got there! It's only a few years now and I'm on my third decade and maybe I should try that too. Hahaha! Anyway, I love how number one on your list is to be able to test-drive your dream car. I hope you get to do everything on your list. Thanks for sharing!

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler

  4. Thanks for popping by @Diane. I love me some Chryslers but there are no local dealers here in Ja 🙂

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