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Take care of the woman within!! The Girlfriendz Way

Ladies enjoy themselves at a previous staging of Girlfriendz-Ladies night at Acropolis lounge in Kingston, Jamaica

When was the last time you truly did something FOR YOU?! Often as women, mothers, aunts, sisters, , girlfriends, wives, we are so busy nurturing and taking care of everyone else, we forget to tend to the very core of what defines us.

We spend so much time on household chores, work chores, baby care, hubster care, planning, implementing, revising and perfecting and then at the end of the day we slump in a pile, too tired to even think. Well wake on up my darlings!!! This one here is for you!! presenting THE Girlfriendz Expo! Ultimate Girls Night Out  on Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1, 2013!!

And before you forget just what a power house you are, creator of the Girlfriendz Expo, Shelly Ann Weeks (Dr. Sexy) reminds us why women NEED an expo such as this…

“The 21st Century woman is fun, formidable and fabulous. She has the option to be whatever she wants to be. Girlfriendz Expo is a place for these ladies to enjoy all the things that she likes and share it with her friends. The Symposiums and classes are designed to educate these ladies on topics that can help them add spice to their relationships and improve their overall quality of life. Girlfriendz Expo is a celebration of strong, fabulous, ladies.”

And with the interesting line up, the Girlfriendz Expo is poised to leave you feeling energized, refreshed and re-educated in many respects PLUS Jamaican Mommies will also be doing a power packed presentation on the importance of making time for yourself!!

But what exactly is this Girlfriendz Expo? Have a peek….

GIRLFRIENDZ EXPO is the place where every mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt, friend and all the other women in your life will want to be. This event will feature everything women enjoy: fashion, food, fun, and then some. For two days women will laugh, learn, link up and leave feeling fulfilled because she had a such a great experience.

 This is the first expo in Jamaica celebrating fabulous, formidable, focused, fashionable, fantastic, fun, females!

In a phrase, its where you should be!! Did you see that bit about strip tease :O and sexy classes? gather your girlfriends up and let’s all have a fabulous girl’s night out at an event that will cater to the many aspects of what makes you a well rounded woman.

Jamaican Mommies will continue to provide updates via our Social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and there will also be giveaways on the Girlfriendz Expo Jamaica Facebook Page

Tickets are going fast, so Get your tickets today!!! Call 321-5466.


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Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
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