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SUMMER TIME!!! Great Summer Activities for Kids in Jamaica

Hey Mamas,
Its Summer!!! and while that spells loads of fun, long, lazy days by the beach, cocktails,  road trips, summer barbecues and the like for some; For parents it often  means- No school and alternate arrangements for our kids.

As summer is all of 2 long months and mamas are always striving to strike the balance between development and fun, it can really get us in a
tailspin.  So before you start getting flustered.. KEEP CALM.. #JMommies has got your back!!

We have compiled a list of Summer programmes/ camps for your little and not so little ones. It is great that there are so many options to keep your toddlers, teens and in be-tweens active and happy this summer.

I really love that there are many targeted options to match to your kids interests.. These include: Gymnastics, Cooking , Maths, Information Technology, Sports, Arts and Craft, Swimming, Dancing etc… and then there are options that mixes several of the options above. Clearly it is exciting times ahead for Jamaican Kiddies Programmes!!

N.B. I will add others as they pop up, but be sure to share any others you may know about

And because some of these programmes may be a little pricey, also look out for our post on fun activities that you can do AT HOME with your kiddies. 

 So here’s a list of some of the Summer Programmes in Jamaica shared by some of my trusty media colleagues.

P.S. Be sure to check on end times as some programmes wrap earlier and after care charges may apply.

1. List of Summer Camps/Activities in Jamaica

2. The #JamaicaGleaner also posted a summary of other options at Jamaica Gleaner roundup

3. The Kingston YMCA  offers a comprehensive mix in its summer Programme and is one of the more affordable options with the bonus of keeping your kids preoccupied form 9 am-4: 30 p.m. get more information via Kingston YMCA

4. Kingston YWCA also offers a similar programme and accepts kids from 3 years old… Contact them via Kingston YWCA

5. Moorlands has also been known for its outdoorsy camp options so you can check them out here 

6. I was also happy to see that a fellow blogger Kid FriendlyJa had compiled a mini list so you can also check that out here.

7. Several Nurseries, Pre and even High Schools are also doing their own brand of Summer programmes so be sure to check them out.

8. Poster Chef Brian Lumley is also hosting a kiddies cooking camp… snatched this from his IG and I think it has all the information there.

9. Technique Lab- a new Athlete Development Initiative also has a Track and Field Summer camp.. See more at Technique Lab Summer programmes

10. Got this Safari camp flyer by mail and added it on Friday, June 28, 2013

***UPDATE: View our 2014 Summer Listing  and More Family Summer Fun***

In the end, whatever you do, choose options that allows your child to grow while having fun.

Did I miss anything? , Feel free to share others with us by commenting below this post or via Jamaican Mommies on Facebook @ JamaicanMommies on Twitter or email us at jamaicanmommies@gmail.com


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