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Successful Jamaican Mommies Picnic encouraged family Play: Patrons eager for a repeat

This Mother and Daughter duo had a blast at the Jamaican Mommies
Mothers’ Day Picnic at Hope Gardens in Kingston


Remember when we made much ado about the Mothers’ Day staging of our Jamaican Mommies Picnic? two weeks later and the positive comments are still reeling in and just this weekend when a vendor asked: “So When again?” and a patron exclaimed The picnic was such a novel idea, my family had a blast” we knew we just had to do the post event honours and also say special thanks to our sponsors, partners and support team.
Jamaican Mommies Editor in Chief, Shanoy Coombs (left) presents
a prize pack to this family for participating in an activity
at the Jamaican Mommies Mothers’ Day Picnic

With less than favourable weather conditions on the horizons, we had much to be thankful for with the impressive turnout, the clear blue skies that we were blessed with; the flow of prizes and surprises and the many happy families that came on out. We were particularly thrilled to see multiple generations and to see everyone having pure clean family fun.  It was particularly meaningful to see children getting a break from digital devices to enjoy the outdoor free play.

Entire Families made the Jamaican Mommies Picnic their place of
choice on Mothers’ Day

The day kicked off with the resident “Whole Note” Mento band providing background music which set the tone for what was to be an exciting evening with soothing segments complimented by high energy family games, loads of laughter and lots of giveaways.


A member of the Whole note Mento Band in action at the Picnic

The day also featured title sponsor Love 101 on hand with a live broadcast, interviewing the many vendors, ranging from clothing, hair accessories for the kids, waist shapers, hats, art and crafts to organic hair, skin and body products. Families too shared their feedback on the picnic with an enthused mother announcing “I was a little skeptical because I feared rain but I am super happy that we came out.  The kids are having a ball, My mother and Grandmother are here too and they love the Mento Band; We have completed one of the family games and won a prize. It is really a win win, so I’m really glad that we came” 

With games ranging from Family Trivia, to Scavenger Hunts and Jamaican themed ring games for the toddlers; competitions such as Mother-Daughter look alike; Hat Model competition and mommy and me makeovers, there was much to see, do and enjoy for every member of the family.

Children gather for one of the many games at the Jamaican Mommies
Mothers’ Day Picnic

The many families enjoyed the equally exciting prizes from partners: Sun Venture Tours, Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Haven; Nadz Makeup; SugarPlum Box; Mali Bands; Essence of Hazel; Exotique Hats; All Okkassionz Fashions; VenPosh Collections and Lorna’s Craft and Jewellery.

In the end, a grand time was had by all, and even saw us extending well beyond our 6 p.m. end time as persons continued to sway to the melodic beats of the Whole Note Mento band as they closed off a beautiful Mothers’ Day.

A patron who won the mommy and me makeover
has her makeup applied by Nadia of Nadz Makeup

Just to be sure, you did not miss a beat, our friends at Skkan Media left us with these excellent shots and the full album can be viewed here.

Without a doubt, the inaugural staging of the Jamaican Mommies Picnic was a success with the input of those who came on board to make it happen.  Special Thanks to:

  • The team at Communications firm, the Write House who spearheaded planning, promotion and execution
  • The Love 101 team for their alignment as presenting sponsor
  • Barrington Grant who handled our Graphics
  • The Whole Note Mento Band
  • Our Volunteers and Interns
  • All our giveaway partners
  • All our sponsors and vendors
  • The team at Hope Gardens
  • The Skkan Media team for Social Media Promotion and Photography
  • The many persons who came out to the picnic
  • Everyone else who has contributed in some way


These senior mamas enjoyed the offerings at the Jamaican Mommies Picnic


Patrons at the Jamaican Mommies Picnic double as hat models
And because the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, we leave you with a few of our faves:

” Thank you so much for the opportunity… I definitely look forward to working with you again in the future”- Mali Bands

It was a pleasure being there. The day was really enjoyable and you & your team made it even greater.Your team is so hospitable. Best wishes always!!!!- Exotique Hats

“Major Major Props to Shanoy and her team for being such trailblazers for Mommies on duty via the Jamaican Mommies Blog and Picnic… We are on board for every staging”- Sugar Plum Box
“This event was well planned and executed. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Well done

“The Organizers are to be commended, I really had a grand time. It was great to have authentic outdoor fun with the kids…Cant wait to do this again”
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