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So We Had a Cat (Part 2): Is a cat right for you?!

When last we spoke, Blossom our beautiful blue-grey eyed kitten had posed so intimidating that she entered and left our home in less than a month. It was not easy for sure and as I continue, I hope to appease those Facebook followers who after reading part 1 scolded “Why did you scheme to give away the cat” and “I’m sure she would’ve gotten better in time” and the many tear stained emoticons and sighs….

 If you are still not up to speed catch up on Part 1 of Coombsies and the Cat

After that 9: 10 p.m. delivery featuring a wide eyed, (I swear she was weeping) cat, we the conniving parents settled in to discuss how best to break this news to our 6 year old daughter.   You see even with all the perceived ‘problems’ of dealing with a uber playful kitten and a constantly fear and anxiety stricken child were the even greater problems of being the traitorous parents who would no doubt have to deal with the never ending blame sure to come our way.

So what did we do? As adults who need to make responsible adult decisions everyday to ensure we strike the right balance for our child?


Yep we went to bed and literally decided to tackle the bull by its horn whenever that was.

Looks just about right

Frankly, I only remembered about the cat when I woke up to no purring outside my bedroom door and realized I was able to shower in peace (no cat racing me to the bathroom), I could walk leisurely to my bedroom (no cat jumping from unseen hiding spots to chew my toes).

For little miss Kai it took wayyyy longer.  It was almost the end of day (note the cat has been out of the house from minutes to 9 pm the previous night)  when our ears were greeted by a sudden panicked cry.. “Mommmyyyy I can’t find Blossom anywhere” .  That cry swiftly escalated to a tear stained face hollering “Daddy, I think Blossom ran away“. Just as I started thinking on my feet of the best way to respond, trust men to be blunt, daddy declared “I gave her away“.  The words were scarcely out of his mouth when a floodgate of shock, more tears, a bit of shouting and the biting words “How could you do this to me.  You’ve hurt my feelings“.

Too stunned to say anything more, I had to hug and console the weeping mass of a child.  At one point she stopped long enough to say “Mommy I don’t even have a picture with Blossom to remember her“.  My heart froze and so it went, she cried for most of that afternoon.

By the next day, the tears were replaced with mostly statements and questions:

Mommy do you think Blossom will love her new family?
Mommy do you think Blossom will remember me because she was my cat first?
Mommy, remember I drew this picture of Blossom it is the only one I have of her

It’s been a few days and her feedback has now evolved to Mommy maybe I wasn’t ready for a cat. But mommy when I am ready can we please have Blossom back? and “Mommy I hope Blossom is happy with her new family

The truth is, from third party accounts Blossom seems very happy.  For one, she has been renamed Rosey and I understand now responds to the name (shocking considering we wondered if she was deaf when she never responded to Blossom). Two, She continues to frolic and do her flying monkey leaps much to the annoyance of the 2 year old in her new family.

She does look a little like this!

I imagine she is still swinging on curtains, refusing to give persons a bathroom break, hiding and scratching, tag tailing the mommy of the house, doing a floor to ceiling leap and landing on your neck as you laze on a recliner chair and weeping pitifully outside bedroom doors. I can just see her now staring straight at them as they shout “Down Rosey!”, “No Rosey!” and just doing what she feels like anyways! I pray they don’t have vases filled with plants and peacock feathers.

Honestly, having written all that, I don’t miss that cat. I miss the idea of her but not so much the reality (go sue me). I hated having my child weep and declaring that we have done the worst possible thing to her by giving away the cat (I think she likes the idea more than the reality too) but I don’t mind having my current peace and quiet.

Having experienced having a cat in and out of our home, it has brought me to have new found respect for cat lovers. You see kittens are like children WHO ARE CONSTANTLY STUCK IN THE TERRIBLE TWOs– They whine, they purr, they want to be petted, the demand attention, the want to be close to you, follow you around and essentially say HELLO I AM HERE! They disrupt your bathroom breaks and your sanity! They look you in the face and push your photo frame off anyways and look at you like they’re screaming ‘What ya gonna do about it”. On the plus side, Blossom was easily potty trained but that smell though. Ughhh Ok so maybe there is no plus side.

Truth all around!

I can see it now, I could maybe, possibly, kinda have a cat had I been without a child as they can somewhat be one and the same (yep I’ve seen kids swing on curtains and break decorative pieces and not respect the private bathroom time rule).  But having a cat with so much demands and a child, hmmm hmm hmmm.

So are you considering being a cat-ma? pa? or someone who wants to get a ‘pre-baby’ experience? Don’t let my family’s account deter you, but you. have. been. warned. I kid.. (NOT)

Anyways, If you have ever or are considering a cat/kitten, I urge you to think about it wayyy more than we did. The American Humane Society gives a pretty neat checklist to guide you along the way… Ask yourself things like. Do you:

  • Believe caring for a pet for 15 to 18 years does not seem like a lifetime.
  • Look forward to having your ankles rubbed by an affectionate, hairy animal.
  • Love a housemate who will randomly and regularly entertain you with outrageous and silly antics (at his whim, not yours).
  • Want to take care of someone every day.
  • Like your lap warmed whenever you sit down.
  • Enjoy unconditional love and constant companionship.
  • Believe that keeping your cat indoors is best for your pet’s well-being.

Do you have a cat? Are you thinking of getting a cat? share your experience with us below!!

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