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Parents Month 2013: Here’s how you can Celebrate

We know Parenting is a lifelong committment and the greatest reward is having children who have benefitted from having a loving, caring environment with appropriate guidance to help them thrive. yet ever so often, everyone else outside of our parenting bubble pauses long enough to recognize the challenges, triumphs and versatility that comes with parenting :). so hooray mamas (and daddies) we get an entire month dedicated to us-mind you never in isolation as it is always with the aim to make us better parents to our kids.

Indeed Over the years, November has been observed as National Parent Month and as yet another Parenting month rolls in, Jamaica will have several commemorative, participatory and fun activities to celebrate and drive awareness around parenting related issues. There are just way too many to choose from, so keep listening out for these, pick one, two or more than a few and have some fun while enhancing your Parenting skills..So let’s go:

1. Jamaica now has a National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC)and through this newly formed entity there will be a series of events at both the school and regional levels under the theme: ‘Transforming Families Through: Communication Awareness Resources and Education’ (CARE).

The series of activities began on Sunday, November 3, with the National Church Service at the Boulevard Baptist Church in St. Andrew. The flag ship event will be a National Parenting Village on November 9 at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St. Andrew.

(See Flier below) and best of all Admission is FREE

For More on the NPSC activities for Parent Month see Jamaicans Urged to Support Parent Month Activities

and a beautiful summary in video ( which sounds very exciting)

2. Heroes for Children Toy Drive: See flier below and get all the details you need via the National Centre for Youth Development’s page

Do you know of any Parent Month celebrations/Observations/Awareness initiatives? Be sure to drop us a comment below or email us at JamaicanMommies@gmail.com and we’ll add it to our list.

Happy Parent Month my mamamcitas!!


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