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Oh Home where is thine Beauty???

Looking at the living room that I just tidied with EVERYTHING scattered around, I wonder how someone so small can make so HUGE a mess. It’s a little ironic really since she is quite the lil home maker. She knows where everything (that she wants placed)is to be placed. As such, Mommy and Daddy’s legs for example are a NO NO in the sofa (and she’ll take them out while shouting NO!) No miscellaneous item should ever be placed in her swing, crib or stroller and books should be in the book assigned area. So why is it that Mommy’s sofa covers, centrepieces, family games and the like can’t remain in place???

I tell you i’ve always heard parents complain about being unable to keep a tidy house and now I know why. I clearly recall a lovely living room makeover only months ago with black sofa covers, Bamboo Accents, Black wooden candle holders with little tea lights, Black and gold vases (I made these myself)and dried Baby’s breath (Its a flower) to boot. Not too long after, with a fully mobile baby I discovered that my beautiful trimmings were not to remain in place. In fact it was with a heavy heart that I finally locked shop and removed all the added items. I mean after all my baby’s safety is a priority, even at the expense of a beautifully decorated home to greet friends and loved ones..sigh.. But is there a way to achieve a balance? Can my home be kept BEAUTIFUL yet BABY proofed?

Voila I saw THIS written by Kayla Griffin

There is good news though, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are children out there who put their things away, take their dishes out, and even put their clothes in the hamper! Children who can clean up after themselves without even being told. This all seems so exciting and new right well it gets better I am going to give you some tips on how you can teach your children to clean up after themselves.

So it can happen after all and thankfully my little one already knows where her shoes are to be placed for example and I’m sure with a little practical adjustments (Putting aside the centre table during play time, using velcro to fasten the sofa covers in place and putting more delicate items on higher shelves I’ll be able to balance beauty and baby proofed đŸ˜€ And then there’s the challenging but rewarding task of teaching your toddler how to be mommy’s little helper. So how do you strike the balance? Let us know and for more tips, I found THIS to be a good read.


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  1. Nikx says:

    Sometimes not being able to keep up to date with a very clean and put together home makes me feel a lil depressed, but then i realized that it's all worth it in the end. I am now teaching my daughter how to clean up after she makes a mess so now i is getting much better.
    Now every spill i make she says.."mommy made a mess" and stars o help me clean up.

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