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November is Parent Month

Wow did you know that there is an entire month dedicated to parents? Does this mean we can just sit back on the beach, with a glass of lemonade? getting an Oceanside massage? Come on dream with me a little… Or do we sleep in all day while the older kids bring us breakfast in bed and a wonderful nanny (who appears out of no where) ensures that the smaller kids allow you to just rest? ahhh almost surreal eh? Well if only, just think of it this way, parent month isn’t so much about being pampered, but it is more about getting active and engaging in activities planned for your and your children’s benefits. I know it doesn’t sound quite as appealing as the previous ‘fantasy’ but many years later when that child or children turn to you and say a genuine ‘Thank you’ your heart will melt and you will know that it was all worth it.

So on speaking with Ms, Georgia Garvey, Communications Manager for the Child Development Agency, it was disclosed that November is Parent’s month and for the month certain key activities will be held as outlined below:

12 Nov, 2009-Parenting Workshop at the Min of Education, Caenwood Centre, 37 Arnold Road, Kingston 5.

19 Nov, 2009– World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

19 Nov, 2009– Parenting Expo at the Min of Education’s Mandeville Office

20 Nov, 2009– Special Movie Discount on “A Christmas Carol in 3D” at Palace Multiplex and Odeon Cineplex. 5 p.m. shows only. (For one night only- When a parent takes a child aged 3-11 years to the participating cinema, that parent will pay for one child’s ticket and the parent gets a free ticket)

20 Nov, 2009– Universal Children’s Day

20 Nov, 2009– forum with UNICEF to mark the 20th Anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

25 Nov, 2009– Literacy Fair and Parenting Expo at Rousseau Primary School.

25 Nov, 2009– International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

26 Nov, 2009– Early Childhood Parent Expo and awards at Ferngrove Resource Centre, Ocho Rios

26 Nov, 2009– Parenting Expo at Portmore Community College.

28 Nov, 2009– Family Reading Day

For further information, contact the Office of the Children’s Advocate or the Child Development agency.

Parent Month is organised by the Coalition for Better Parenting under the theme Parent the Right Way: Read with your child everyday

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