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New Year; New You! Party Over Here

If you’ve been following Jamaican Mommies on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you would have been seeing some tiny teasers promising a “Party over here”/ #JamaicanMommiesParty and encouraging you to “Get Excited” 
and worry not because these are not empty handed teasers.  Essentially, while I reflected on all the many wondrous things that “New Year, New You” meant to me, it also got me thinking about you, my fellow mums and some of the things that may interest and inspire us as parents, women,spouses, individuals. Indeed, a new year is a time to get excited-about life, love, health, happiness, relaxation and so much more….

Additionally, as some of you know, Jamaican Mommies has been around since 2009 (to coincide with when I had my daughter) and needed a local avenue to talk about all things mommy and me related. So while I celebrate my own “New year, New You” journey, I simultaneously want to CELEBRATE with those of you who have been on the journey with us from 2009 and even those of you who have just connected with the Jamaican Mommies network! hence the PARTY over HERE concept! and believe us, it is going to be quite a party!

Before you go deciding if this may or may not be for you, remember you still don’t have the deets! and nope, it’s nothing like you are thinking, So stay tuned!!!

Besides, Would you go to a party or any form of celebration alone? Take a friend along!! Simply have them SIGN UP HERE and stay glued to all our Social Media platforms (Facebook Page, Facebook Private Group, Instagram, Twitter ) where we will continue to give you a bit more information each day as we get closer to the big day!



And just in case you are having a bad day, self doubt, 150% tired mom mode, never forget….

so go on and SIGN UP HERE for the party. You deserve it!!

Cheers to Motherhood!J Mom signature

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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