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Multi Year, Multi Media Parenting Jamaica effort Launched:

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Jamaica Gleaner

At a time when society’s children are faced with a myriad of atrocities, often based on improper parenting practices, it is certainly welcomed that Jamaica’s Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen has launched Parenting Jamaica as an extension of the I believe Initiaitive. The I believe Initiative rests on the principle of “Using what is right with Jamaica to fix what is wrong with Jamaica”

Parenting Jamaica, A multi-year multiple-media communication programme designed to animate the lessons in the parenting guide“Answers To Questions Parents Ask” written by Dr. Barry Davidson and Dr. Faith Linton was launched earlier this year in March following extensive stakeholder consultations.  Since then it has made several steps towards its goals as a behaviour change effort from which a national parenting manual and standardised training of parents will emerge.

Parenting Jamaica also recognizes and endorses the efforts of several other Parenting oriented organizations that are actively pursuing efforts to improve Parenting in Jamaica.

The Parenting Jamaica logo which highlights how proper parenting
allows children to shine

For the first phase, corporate goodwill ambassadors Fosrich Electrical have taken the lead and have invested to make the programme’s phase one delivery a success. The phase one deliveries include:

1. Radio Broadcasts
    a. Parenting 101– a 30 minute programme every First Sunday on RJR 94 fm 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. with Gerry  MacDaniel during Palaav

  b. Just for Parents– a 15 minute feature is aired every other Wednesday on Mello FM 3:45 p.m.-4:00 p.m. with Barry G as host

c. Several Parenting Tips (Nuggets)  have also been produced and are broadcasted throughout both programmes with plans to extend rotation to Love 101, TBC Radio, NCU Radio, Hitz 92 fm among others.

With topics ranging from Sexuality to Single Parenting, Fatherhood and the growth of intelligence, each show features an expert panel of resource persons who discuss the issue at hand.

The varied media partners are also to be credited for offering assistance as best as possible for recordings and message dissemination.

The Parenting Jamaica broadcast schedule can be found here

2. Online Presence

Screen shot of the Pareting Ja Blog

  a. The Parenting Jamaica Blog has been established and will be utilized to extend the discussions that have taken place via the radio broadcasts.  The blog will also offer parenting tips and will share other parenting resources as well as host the varied radio broadcasts. The work in Progress blog can be found at www.parentingJamaica.wordpress.com 

b. Parenting Jamaica also interacts with parents via Twitter @ParentingJa Pop on by sometime and share your feedback on the broadcast, highlight parenting events, offer suggestions or just share a parenting tip.

3. Support for Other Parenting Interventions in Jamaica
    Through its many stakeholder consultations Parenting Jamaica remains committed to highlighting and working along with the varied Parenting initiatives in Jamaica. This includes sharing meaningful information, encouraging support for parenting activities and facilitating a listing of Parenting interventions via the Parenting Jamaica calendar. To submit an item for the calendar, persons can email parentingja@gmail.com

For Phase two, Parenting Jamaica is looking to extend its reach and welcomes corporate collaborations to achieve same. Working in tandem with local Communications firm, The Write House the Parenting Jamaica team remains optimistic that they will continue steering this initiative towards it multi year, multimedia goals.

For more information from the Parenting Jamaica launch, see Gleaner article, Parenting Jamaica launched .  Also remember to connect with Parenting Jamaica and look out for publicity updates in coming weeks.

Connect with Parenting Jamaica at:
 Twitter: @ParentingJa
Blog: www.ParentingJamaica.wordpress.com
Email: ParentingJa@gmail.com


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