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MORE FAMILY SUMMER FUN IN JAMAICA (the ones you may not have thought of)

Hola Mamas,
It has been super hectic in here (my life that is 🙂 , but when you are excited about life’s possibilities you sometimes bury your head and just dive in… then admittedly forget about some of your other joys, but do bear with moi.

When I wrote this post Great Summer Activities for Kids in Jamaica
I did promise to share a list of things that you can do with your kids this summer if you chose not to go the Summer School route.. or even if you wish to complement the Summer school arrangement.

A quick question on my Facebook Account gave some great ideas that I would not have normally considered… so tada here is a list of Fun things to do with your kids throughout summer. It is especially wonderful when the fun activities also allows for some Educational exposure.

In trying to make the list as island-large as possible, I turned to friends and sites in the blogo, twitto, Instagramo, facebooko and general interneto sphere for out of town suggestions as well. So here goes- Feel free to email us at JamaicanMommies@gmail.com, tweet @jamaicanMommies or connect with JamaicanMommies on Facebook to share your additions.

Kids enjoy the View from the Kids Discovery Zone at Hollywell

(1)Everyday is perfect for a Picnic: In addition to the Hope Gardens and Emancipation Park you can drive up to the Hollywell National Park– in the mountain range and have a Picnic there. The Park also has a Kids Discovery Zone and a while back they also had an Enviro Kids Programme.. do check with the Jamaica Conservation Development Trust for more information >>>http://www.jcdt.org.jm/contact-us.html

(2) Visit one of the Island’s several Museums (Some interesting ones are the Taino Museum in St. Catherine, The Jamaica Defence Force Museum, The Bank of Jamaica Museum, The Bob Marley museum-all in Kingston but don’t be daunted, I found this very comprehensive list of Museums across the island that is noteworthy >>http://www.jamaica-travel-secrets.com/museums-in-jamaica.html

Tourists Enjoy the tour at the Bob Marley museum

(3)Visit National Landmarks: It may not seem very thrilling to you right now, but just imagine the look of wonder on your child’s face when they see the noted Air Jamaica wing by the Airport round about or the ‘Giddy House’at Port Royal, The Old Courtyard in Spanish Town, National Heroes Park etc.. See a list of Landmarks here>>> http://jamaica-guide.info/attractions/landmarks/

(4)Take a historical Tour of places such as the Institute of Jamaica. The Jamaica Tourist board has an excellent list here>> http://www.visitjamaica.com/what-to-do/attractions-heritage.aspx

(5)Watery Bodies can never be too Much and we’re not just talking about the beach. The boat ride to Lime or Maiden Cay may also be a wonderful sight for your kids. It further helps if you can access a boat that allows you to cruise around for a bit before getting to the cay and it is even more wondrous if you access a glass bottom boat.

The widely know Hose Spray game never gets old

(6)The Power of Play: Ahh nothing beats the great outdoors, so encourage your kids to get on out and stem that couch potato attitude from early in. While I swear playing in rural Jamaica takes on a new level of fun, the same can be achieved in the more urban areas. With the place being as HOT as it is, outdoor ‘water wars’are always fun and is bound to cool you and the kids down 🙂

Ahh the summer possibilities are ENDLESS!!! I’m already feeling a lil burst of Energy as I plan a Hollywell picnic for my boobsie and her cousins and I definately think i’ll be filling up some balloons with water and goign for a dunking good time.

**Update Also be sure to check out our 2014 Summer Activities Catalogue ****

And of course, there are still some of the favourite things we have grown to love and our friends at Where In Ja: your Manual For All things Jamaican had a nice little list which we’ll just share below.

Here are some other places you could take your kids: (Courtesy of Where In Ja)

• Putt and Play (Kingston)

• Hope Zoo (Kingston)

• Cocojam (Kingston)

• Book reading from 1 – 2 pm at Bookophilia (Kingston)

• Rockfort Mineral Bath (Kingston)

• The movies (Palace Amusement- Kingston, Manchester, St. James)

• Devon House (Kingston)

• Jamaica Zoo (St. Elizabeth)

• Aquasol Beach Park (St.James)

• Mystic Mountain (St. Ann)

• Dunn’s River Falls (St. Ann)

• Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt (Kingston)

**Adding the Kool Runnings Water Park in Negril

Lime Cay is always a fave spot for beach lovers

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