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March’s giveaway from Arawak Publications

For this month, I have a special treat for you. This month’s giveaway is still courtesy of Arawak Publications and is a digital learning cd rom. I have three copies and It features the classic Chicken Little tale in digital format in both English and Spanish. The cd is labelled for ages 4-7 years, but I’m sure younger kids will be just as happy with this gift. To win one of these, simply tell us, How you make learning fun for your children. All previous winners, please email me so we can organise collection of prizes. Thanks for the support guys and once you have received your prize, send us a pic and we’ll be sure to display same. Since I posted this giveaway late you have until April 15 to post your comments. Cheers J Mom signature

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  1. jamique says:

    I have a two year old and he likes to run and take walks so instead of letting him stay inside I had to find some creative ways for him to learn while having fun. For numbers we take a walk and stop at each gate that has a number and he points at the number and tells me what it is, then he runs on to the next gate (with my supervision of course. Sometimes If a writing is on the gates he tells me the letters, the I give him a big hi5/high10.For every vehicle that passes he tells me the colour.

  2. I teach Rajeed by music. he received a book with a cd for his birthday filled with lullaby's. He isn't talking fully but he takes up the book and reads it while the cd is playing. In the morning's when he gets up he takes up his book's and reads them one by one. He plays the piano whenever he walks into the living room or whenever his auntie is around it he gets up on her lap and play's with her.

  3. I have a 15 month old. For his birthday he got a book that came with a cd filled with lullaby's. every night just before bedtime we would turn the cd on and open the book and listen and sing and he would follow. Now he gets the book every night before bed and in the mornings when he wakes he reaches for the book. he also goes for any other book i have bought for him and sits and "reads" through them.

  4. I'm working on teaching Kailee via interactive DVD's and website. Still awaiting my copy of your baby can read and in the mean time I use starfall.com. Starfall is a bit big for her but she loves the sounds and since she is such a computer junkie already, She loves it!

  5. Remember guys, you have until April 15 to win one of 3 chicken little CD. Please invite other mommies to share their comments and win. Please note my comment above, will not be counted on a competitive basis.

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