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Lifestyle in a box: The Sugarplum box

“Ooh yes”, “I love this”, “lovely”, “smells so good”, “Oh gosh I’ve been wanting this for a bit” “Cant wait to use it”

 Those were some of my many outbursts as I excitedly ripped through the contents of my Sugar Plum Box and my outbursts were warranted as this one little box seemed to be packed with so many goodies for a healthy, hearty and happy lifestyle-hence lifestyle in a box 🙂

Just around my birthday on November 11, I received a box from Hair Honey- An online store in Jamaica that sources and sells all things hair and beauty related. The branding on the cover said Sugar Plum Box and immediately brought thoughts of sugar, spice and everything nice. I figured, why not, its my birthday after all 🙂

While I wanted to get digging in, I decided to throw some support for this Jamaican entrepreneur and share the contents of my gift pack with you my Jamaican mamacitas via an unboxing video, especially as a small peek revealed several products I just think women will generally love and moreso some locally made products which makes for a very balanced box in my estimation.

But whatever is a Sugar Plum Box?
As quoted on the Sugar Plum Box Facebook Page

Sugar Plum box is a Jamaican based subscription service- a box filled with delight where 5 products are hand picked and its contents remain a surprise until the box arrives at its destination. Sugar Plum boxes cost J$3500 (includes delivery)

Indeed a surprise it was, but let me tell you, it was an overly pleasant surprise and while the box was advertised as having 5 items, I received about 9 fabulous items-the perfect mix of products for a woman’s internal and external beauty.

Without further ado, let’s get to unpacking…. (My camera man is kinda tall and handsome hence the chopped off head and we just did one take on this..no filter, no edits 🙂

As you can see, In addition to Eden Body Works products for the hair (coconut Shea leave in conditioner and curl defining cream in sample packets) and the full sized Peppermint Temple balm that supposedly helps with receding hairlines, dandruff and itchy scalp), there was the fragrant Earth Elements whipped Shea butter-touted as a multipurpose gem that is excellent for dry skin and your fave natural hair twist out styles…The best part, it smells quite lovely!  Add to that a purse sized spray bottle of Argan Moroccan Oil-again known for its multipurpose hair and body benefits

AND Maybelline Colour sensations lipstick in vibrant red. I am a maybelline mama and so this was the perfect little addition to my very basic but effective makeup collection-the shine and the shade are absolutely gorgeous by the way.

Then as I dug in a bit deeper, I found…surprise surprise a Stush in the Bush Organic Passion Fruit Vinaigrette-made right here in Jamrock…Now while it struck me as slightly odd that this should pop up in a box of what seemed to be mainly cosmetic items, it was a welcome surprise as I started thinking of how this little box was going to make both my insides and outsides very happy. Speaking of insides, a huge, (think almost saucer sized) Chocolate lollipop from Chocolate Dreams was also somehow fitted into my sugar plum box. This I promise to eat in small portions and even grudgingly share.

Also in the mix was a 20% off coupon from local clothing line Slang Teez and drumroll, something I have seen pop up in several hair forums, but figured it was all foreign and somewhat inaccessible…

but lookie here.  Meet the Tangle Teezer-super cute and advertised as the brush that will transform the way you detangle your hair. As a ‘one year later’ naturalista, I am keen on products that help me to retain my length and moisture so Hip Hip.. I cant wait to try!!

The SugarPlum Box also included a full colour mini mag which has a spotlight on local hair and skin care boutique Earth Elements; a breakdown of the items in the box, a sweet chilli shrimp recipe featuring the Stush in the Bush vinaigrette and other features.

I can definitely say I loved every bit of content packed into my Sugar Plum surprise and best of all at J$3500 including delivery, it is an excellent value (a rate breakdown shows the 5 basic items in the pack costing $7000 when purchased from retail outlets) and as you can see I received well in excess of 5 items.

I really loved my Sugar Plum Box gift set and think it will certainly make a unique gift offering for YOU and the many ladies in your life.  Indeed,  I can barely begin to imagine what delightful treats the Christmas box will reveal.

Who’s up for a surprise?!! Contact SugarPlum Box on Facebook for more information!!


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