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Jamaican Mommies Joins UNICEF in Celebrating Breast Feeding Week

Hey there Mamas,
This post comes a little after the fact, but as a part of Jamaican Mommies involvement with the UNICEF Jamaica led Breast Feeding Week Initiative, I promised my followers on Facebook and Twitter a post about the mini campaign.

As a mama who breastfed, I  personally found the week of information-packed delivery to be rather commendable on UNICEF’s part and their approach to reach out to varied influencers in the Social Media domain (Jamaican mommies being one 🙂 to help disseminate these important messages as a very cutting edge approach.

Suffice to say, being invited to be a part of the enablers (I like this term), it got us here at Jamaican Mommies googling and learning so much more about the benefits of breastfeeding… Get more background info on the World Breast Feeding week website.

As you may be aware,  in addition to the obvious priceless bonding and interaction time breastfeeding gives to moms and their newborns, consistent breastfeeding has been known to have several health benefits. These were highlighted throughout the week by the team at UNICEF Jamaica in visual formats with concise messages that truly resonated…. case in Point…

Another major campaign component was the inclusion of Jamaican Beauty Queen and Media Darlings Yendi Phillipps and Emprezz Golding respectively as Breast Feeding Week Ambassadors. Both ladies shared their Breastfeeding experiences via print and electronic media and then sweetened the deal by making surprise visits to Public Hospitals etc to share the BreastFeeding benefit message with new moms.

Say awww with me now

Jamaican Beauty Queen Yendi Phillipps shares some motherly snuggle time with a baby during the BreastFeeding Week Hospital visits 

Jamaican media Personality Emprezz Golding shares a moment with young mums during Breast feeding Week Visits

Throughout the Week, Jamaican Mommies therefore showed its support to this worthy campaign by sharing daily updates on The Jamaican Mommies Facebook Page along with Breast Feeding facts.. Tips were also shared via our Twitter Page clearly throwing more support behind the cause for Social media in the modern communication campaign.

The feedback from Mommies in our Jamaican Mommies Network was also positive and makes a solid point for the power of effective collaborations.

As the campaign was so image and video heavy, we share with you one of the videos from the surprise hospital visits and other posters below.

What were your thoughts on the Jamaica Breast Feeding Week Initiative? Did you see the messages? Let us know.

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