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Home is where the heart is

Good Day to all my wonderful readers. I have been MIA for quite a bit (As it relates to posts, however, I have continued to check on my space, just to see if any comments or suggestions have been left). Hope My posts were somewhat missed? I’ve been quite busy to say the least, juggling work, Baby and hubby time and I have been made all the better, when after a long day at work, I can see my little sweets flash a smile that warms the heart or go in for a cuddle with Mr. Coombs. All these precious little moments have gotten me thinking just how wonderful it is to have a family and moreso to know what love is.

One of my favorite family based songs is that which speaks about a home being a place where the heart is. In fact, I totally looove the song, “Love will be our home” For in it there are so many elements to suggest that a home is not the building but the persons therein, the emotions shared, the days of laughter, the tears, the pains, the comfort. This I find to be particularly true since a house in and of itself does not make for a home. It is in fact the memories and moments that you share with those inside this building that truly counts.

No matter how your family is comprised and no matter how far away it has strayed from being ideal, I’m almost sure you have at least one favoured and/or treasured memory with the persons there. So on days when things seem like they are slipping from within your grasps or even when you look at the family next door wishing they were yours, cheer up, it could have been worse.

In fact, a good friend once said, things don’t look too sloppy on your side, until you start looking elsewhere and this my friends may be more true than we’d love to believe. So keep this in mind and live each day with appreciation for the little things that make you smile. Better yet, make a list of all the things you like/love about your home and you’d be surprised at the many positives you can find.

For starters, I love when I give Kailee a bath and her face lights up like this:

I also loves when my DH (Darling Husband)embraces his inner child and gets kicks out of doing goofy things like this

I also absolutely love Movie nights (although most times I fall asleep before the movie is through), hearing Kai sing (yes she does it a lot these days, mixed with a little high pitched scream), family beach trips (One where Kailee is actually present is long overdue)and there are numerous family based moments that I love. I also live the moments where I get to spend time with my ‘initial family’ (Parents and siblings) and the list goes on.

So you see, there is just so much to love and be thankful for, so I charge you all to show appreciation for the ones in your life. Let them know that whether you’re residing in a mansion or a shack, the building itself doesn’t quite matter as much as having someone else to share your joy and pains, loss and gains, moments and memories with.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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  1. neo sole says:

    you have such a gorgeous family! I'm truly happy for you.

  2. Aww.. Thank you my dear 🙂

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