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Hey Hey Hey, When I blogged about my Green Smoothie journey a while back and how it started with a recipe from a Hey Fran Hey’s Timeline, little did I know I would actually be getting the chance to meet this healthy loving, clean eating, DIY skin and hair caring chica.

Fast Forward to the here and now…  scrolling along Facebook I saw Fran post that she’d be in Jamaica… (considering I spot the letters J-A-M-A-I-C-A every where every time from a mile) I gave myself a mini hug because who doesn’t want to get cool natural hair, skin and nutrition tips?! I later discovered there were a series of events around Lady Fran’s visit and figured as a smoothie slurping, natural hair loving and DIY healthy anything welcoming mama, I wanted in!! and now we’re here…

I managed to secure a place as one of 30 persons to run with Fran for the Digicel 5k Night run on Saturday, October 26th (My fitness level or lack thereof aside) this night run should be cool. I also have the opportunity to attend the Friday night Candle Light Yoga session courtesy of my friends at PRANA Lifestyle and I am thrilled! The concept of Yoga excites me even as I’ve only done mini sessions whenever I have the time during hotel stays. But enough of that.. time for you to get excited with me!!!

So in addition to a Natural Beauty, Nutrition and Fitness Healthy kinda talk by Fran, there will be Yoga session and a Live Fit, Live healthy presentation by Sharon Feanny-fitness extraordinaire. Are you excited yet?!! There will also be healthy eats, music and art. 

This sounds like just the sort of holistic living affair to get you my mamas recharged, re-energized and glowing with head to toe goodness!! The sponsors listing also looks diverse and if they are delivering free goodies, that’d make for an even more awesome time. 

And at this point, I just want to go and find Yoga appropriate clothes and count down the days to Friday!!.. So with not much more to say, heed my very few tips (do it do it do it):

1. Jamaican Mommies will give one lucky mamacita the chance to attend this fabulous event FREE (Check our Jamaican Mommies Facebook Page or @JamaicanMommies on Twitter  for information on how to win)

2. Mark your calendars-Friday, October 25 th at 6:00 p.m-You Need to be there

3. Find out more about Hey Fran Hey below.. Also have a peep at one of her video blogs on all things natural 

4. Call up a friend and tell them you are both getting your healthy mind and body flex on!!

5. Check out Sharon Feanny’s profile and start taking out that Yoga Mat

6. Recognize that you owe it to yourself to be there!! Hardworking Mamas deserve refreshing moments!

Until then, I’ll go and research some quick remedies to make an inactive body supple and I will see you then as I experience what sounds like an exquisite fusion of nightlife with health, fitness and nutrition. I’ll drink to that!!

See you then!

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