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Having Kids Mean

I got this one from one of our avid readers Tya Willis, feel free to add what having kids mean to you in the comments box below or use the inline comment box at the top of the page.

So this morning at 6″am” on a Saturday, my girls were awake. I got to thinking..do they not know its a satiday and i wanna sleep late?

So for me having kids mean:

1. No more late mornings
2. Death of a social life
3.Always being tired
4.Cleaning someone else’s poop for the next 3 years..at least..
5.Never sleeping “soundly” again
6.Always “dressing someone else b4 you dress yourself….I remember when it used to take me 1hr. to just do me..ha
7.Having to sit through Disney movies…Did u see Spy kids?..kiss teeth…
8. Always being broke
9.You’re gonna spend at least 1 night at the hospital…all night…
10. Always having to make breakfast

BUT:….having kids also mean:-

1.Getting “ga-ga” over new teeth..old teeth..first steps…first smiles…the birds..the bees..the flowers and the trees…
2.You become a:
A fierce Protector
A teacher
A medicine woman
A diplomat
A “road Angel”
In short..you become your mother

What does it mean for you?..You’ve been tagged..you know what to do
I’d love to see your list


Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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0 thought on Having Kids Mean

  1. I LOVE this as i said before T.

    Just to add:
    Having Kids Mean:
    – Living your life for someone else
    – A willingness to sacrifice your happiness for anther’s
    – Doing EVERYTHING when the baby is asleep lol (including that intimacy bit)

    And being a mom also means experiencing unquantifiable joy when you see that little face light up when she sees you ūüėÄ

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