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Happy New Year: Cheers to a Happier, Healthier, More balanced you! in 2015

Happy New Year!! Season Greetings, Cheers to a new leaf and then some!!

It’s that time of the year when resolutions and reflections are in order and even as some pull last year’s resolutions from the dust pile, there is no doubt that the thought and feel of a new year brings with it some level of new hope, new optimism and that “Yes you can-niveness” that you were somehow unable to muster up all throughout 2014.  So to celebrate with you and to encourage you along in 2015, Jamaican Mommies has compiled a list of small changes/steps you can make this year to celebrate the new you!!

Are your efforts for 2015 focused on Spending more QUALITY time with the family? Do you want to be more financially prudent? Want a healthier 2015? or do you want to have that deep-seated Peace of mind that seems to be ever fleeting? Chances are, we have a tip or two for you.

For Starters, every great New Year’s resolution/plan/gamechanger is preceded by TRUE REFLECTIONS and we found the list below to be a great way to celebrate your triumphs while evaluating your downturns.  So what did you want to achieve in 2015 again? Have a look back at 2014 using the year end reflections chart below and get going.. Remember, no matter the down turns, be sure to look back at your highlights if even to have those ‘best memories’ bring a smile to your face!!

Cheers to a Healthier You

A fave New Year Resolution on every momma’s list (and the general human race’s) is being healthier in the new year. Remember those targets such as: To lose 10 lbs, to eat less junk food, to become a vegetarian etc? While a certified nutritionist/dietitian and even some online groupings could no doubt help us all out with ‘healthier you meal plans’, I was pleased (make that elated) to discover that several of my Jamaican mamas have been ahead of the pack in not only helping their fellow mamas with the healthier you mandate, but they utilize local ingredients along the way, so for 2015, be sure to check out:

1. Irie Diva’s 7 Day Meal Plan (Sure we may be cutting it close if you do not have the ingredients for Monday but hey your 7 days can start any day and the earlier the better!!)

2. Didan Ashanti’s 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

3. Beautiful Earth’s Green Smoothie Fast

N.B. Waist Training seems to be all the rage these days and right here in Jamaica our fab mama at Venposh Collections can share how waist training can compliment your eat clean and exercise efforts. You can also purchase several online ranging from Fabric Waist Trainers to the more rigid sports based waist trainers.

NNB. We know the continued mamas cry about no time for a workout, but Former Miss Jamaicas turned Hot mamas Kamila Alcock and Yendi Phillips both have super fun workout programmes that you can also do at home so be sure to check out The 10 pound Pledge and In the Dance Fitness.

You can also check out our guest post on Getting Your Bum into Gear and be sure to shop for cute workout gear to keep you motivated!!

Cheers to a Happier You

Now who doesn’t want to be happier?! Show of hands if you believe you have too much happiness to go around and could pass on any more? Well, in the event you are like the millions who are constantly in pursuit of happiness, Jamaican Mommies is sharing a few of our fave motivational/self -esteem booster/helping you to make that tough decision reads.  Certainly, if your level of unhappiness is overbearing to the point that it affects your daily life, please speak to a trained counselor pronto!!

1. You are More than Enough by Life Coach Nicole Wright (A gift in my Christmas Sugarplum box, this 30 day journal reinforces the Self love and self value messaging and reminds you that nothing should stand between you and the life you deserve)

2. The Purpose Driven Life– A classic fave that I’ve had for years and  will be re-reading this for all the inspirational messaging it provides and the useful reminders around finding and living your life’s purpose

3. Who Moved my CheeseAn easy to read classic that reminds you about how a change of mindset and approach can make all the difference with how you react to and learn from change.

And in the event you cannot get your hands on any of these, follow these 7 tips on how to be happy

Cheers to a more Financially Sound You

We do not have all the answers we promise, but we believe in that good old Jamaican saying “One one Coco full basket”.  Sure the economic crunch is almost squeezing the lifeline out of your every dollar, but remember that $1000 you spent on a random sweet treat, an earring you never wore, that overpriced shoes you just had to have? Imagine if all those ‘unaccounted dollars’ were wisely invested?  If there’s one thing the new year brings, its the ability to make a fresh start.  Contact a Financial Advisor today or grab a copy of Every Woman Should Know her Options . You’d be amazed at how much you are wasting by not budgeting and saving for a rainy day.

We also loved some of these Easy Saving Tips namely: Replacing 1 daily beverage with water, Setting up Automatic Transfers to Savings Accounts, Brown Bag lunches, creating a weekly cash budget and having a Staying in month, so get online searching and you’re sure to find tons more.

Cheers to the Balanced You

With more mamas holding it down in the workforce, the work-life balance continues to be a real struggle as it is a real responsibility.  It is way easy to become so engrossed with work that the already dwindling time for QUALITY interaction gets cut shorter or significantly shifted.  The basic human need to ‘unwind’ often pushes more persons to digital obsessions at the expense of real time with loved ones (Remember sharing a physical space does not automatically translate into sharing real time with the person (s) in that space). So how about we break the digital obsession and Social Media curse in 2015?! 

For starters, how about a commitment to AT LEAST conversations about each other’s day daily; One (1) joint family activity each week (movies at home, a family board game, exercising together, making a meal together or engaging in deliberate play, praying or visiting church together); One (1) semi-major activity each quarter and a grand one to close off the year.

Sounds easy enough right?! Whatever combination you choose, beyond everything else, Jamaican Mommies wishes for you more dedicated timing to life as a parent even as you work on the happier, healthier, more balanced you!!

Happy 2015!!

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Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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