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Happy New Year and Book Giveaway

Happy New Year mommies and moms to be. I hope you had a wonderful 2009 and will remain optimistic in 2010. To start the year off right, Arawak Publications and its children’s book authors have partnered with Jamaican mommies in our efforts to boost literacy among children. To this end, we will be giving away children books for varied age groups throughout the year. This is FREE and all you have to do is to share a memorable moment as a parent based on the specifications for each giveaway. Winners will then be selected randomly and we simply ask that once you’ve finished reading your book, you’ll return to Jamaican Mommies and give us a review”. Sweet right!

The first book we’ll give away is Little Meeta. It is a colourful 21 Page book for children aged 3-6 years. Little Meeta speaks about an issue most common among children and teens, that of self-acceptance. Through its caterpillar character, Little Meeta, author Jean Goulbourne touches on issues relating to self. Little Meeta shares with her friends in the cabbage patch her dislike for her appearance and the book ends on a rather lovely note. I’ll not spoil it for you though. I have 3 copies of Little Meeta to give away. All you need to do is to share something funny or smart that your child, niece, nephew, cousin or any other relative did over the holiday season.

So come on guys. This giveaway runs throughout January and next month we’ll do another batch of giveaways. Happy New Year!

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0 thought on Happy New Year and Book Giveaway

  1. Joedian says:

    Well my son loooves ice-cream, after months of refusing its coldness. The other day he was having some and I asked for some, he proceeded to continue eating while repeating to me 'What did u say mommy? You want some of my ice-cream?' in between spoonfuls.. Of course we realized it was a tactic to delay the inevitable.. His dad and I started laughing of course and soon after he gave us the last drop from the cup.. how sweet…

  2. Enola says:

    My 2 year old just learned the words defecate and urinate, so she keeps using them interchangeably. At Christmas dinner, whenever someone got up for whatever reason, she kept shouting "Grandma defecate" or Uncle Urinate". It was soo funny watching people blush with her calling them out like that,even though they weren't going to use the bathroom lol

  3. Enola, that is hilarious, oh my goodness.

    I don't have any stories like that and I can't enter the contest. *CUTE*

  4. This promotion is officially closed. Enola and Joedian, please email me at jamaicanmommies@gmail.com for details on how to collect or have the prize delivered to you.


    N.B. Look out for another giveaway during the month of February from Arawak Publications.

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