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Happy Anniversary to Us and We are that Family induction

Good Morning all! Today is indeed a great day. Just diverting a bit from my usual content to let you know that yesterday I celebrated an even greater day- My first anniversary!! Three Cheers for the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Coombs.

We had two days of fun (including days with our little pookie bear and nights without)- Sweet right!

So I truly feel blessed having made the one year mark, with no love lost. I remember clearly my favourite quote since being married ” From this day forward I will not walk alone, my arms will be your shelter and my heart will be your home” So here’s to a blessed day, one down and here’s hoping and praying for many more to come.

Coincidentally, My blog was featured on We are that Family.com, so go on over here and find out why We (my family and I) are a part of THAT society’s family tree.

Jamaican Mommy

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  1. marsh says:

    congrats big sis!!!! keep growing in love and hope you live to see many more years of anniversaries

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