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Getting your Kids to help

For those of you with older kids, I thought this would be of value. Check out this piece from one of my now fave blogs V and Company.

Enjoy the article here.

To add a few tips of our own:

1. Make it Fun: Your Kids are more likely to help with chores if it somehow does not seem like a chore. My mom succeeded with that by having us do mini competitions to see who could clean up their clothes the fastest, rake the leaves etc.

2. Offer an Incentive: Technically the same as making it fun. But they do say reward sweetens labour.  I remember how we would aim to complete a task in as short a time as possible or as best as possible if the end result was a sweet treat, extended play time, tv time etc

3. Do it together: Yes we did say, getting your kids to HELP. I know we are often busy doing other chores but kids (especially the younger ones) are likely to ‘want to help’ mommy or daddy vs having a chore dumped on them 🙂 What works for my toddler for example if I say, Please pass mommy the clothespins while I hang the clothes or you remove these items from the bag and I’ll put them in place. It honestly helps.

4. Reward them with Play: Yup the family that plays together stays together alright.  So why share only chores? Remember to let your hair down and have some fun with your kids their way.


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  1. V and Co. says:

    hey thanks for the shout out! 😉

  2. You're welcome…Your Blog had pretty useful content 🙂

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