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Getting that ME time that every mom deserves

Whether you are a freshly minted or seasoned mom, there are bound to be days when you miss the ability to just be up and out or simply to be able to savour the aroma of your favourite glass of coffee or wine- you know just enjoy some ME TIME.

For many reasons, this Me time often seems fleeting.  I recall for example that 4 months after my daughter’s birth, I finally went out without baby in tow and had a fabulous time.  I recall thinking then that it felt so great to feel like the old me. It also got me thinking about the BIG difference that a little ME time makes in a mother’s life.

Now you may be thinking, where do I get the time? and while it seems complex, pointedly, there’s just one answer-JUST MAKE IT. Hard I know, but the reality is that with the thrills of motherhood we are prone to being drained, dragged and in a bid to always be motherly, I found that sometimes I forget what it was like to be ME.

 So after the stages of guilt to glory, I’ve narrowed down 5 simple tips to help moms get that Me time we deserve:

1. Plan Ahead: Make an appointment even, pencil it in your busy schedule or block out that section as ME time on your smart phone.While you’re at it, plan your outfit too, just to heighten the excitement of being out again. 

2. Make SECURE arrangements: Have a responsible individual on hand to take care of your little one for you. This may require you introducing the ‘sitter’ in advance to see how the child responds to him or her. No sitter? Seek to establish a sitter system with other responsible moms who may also need an occasional break. You can then take turns babysitting to give each other a break.  Connect with other mommies via the JamaicanMommiesgroup who may be interested in a sitter system. 

3. Carefully Brief the Sitter: What’s the point in getting ME time if your phone goes off by the second from someone needing instructions? This tip is particularly important if you have younger ones. Let the sitter know what schedule the child is on (bedtimes, playtimes, feeding periods etc). Also be sure to leave ALL forms of contact so you can be reached in case of an emergency.

4. Make a big Deal: You’ve come this far, so get excited already!-Tell your friends, call up the person you’re going with and let them know how excited you are to be going. Making a big deal will help to keep the tempo up even when you’re drained after a sleepless night, picking up toys or your child from after school care.

    5. Enjoy yourself: This you need to do since the entire point of being out was to really have a good time. I stuck to this rule so much that even though other persons at the event seemed a  little bored,  I went home all happy after a night well spent.

So now that you know the steps to take to get some ME time. What are you waiting for? Get on out-go to the beach, go for dinner, get a spa treat or if only for one night go on and Live La vida Loca.


Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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  1. Natecia says:

    I find this to be a very useful piece. I love it 🙂

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