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Favourite Handbag

One of our Lovely Mommy readers submitted this and I just had to share. How cute is it to juxtapose your Ray of Sunshine to a beyond expensive bag Opie. Here goes:

Whether it’s Coach, Nine West, LV, Prada, Kate Spade, Via Spiga, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Wilson’s Leather or whatever your favorite brand of handbag may be, there is none like the one that I carried for 39 weeks then delivered into this world. So what brand is my favorite handbag right now? She is exclusively KC – mini me oh and mini daddy too lol.

I go for her without question and dressing her is a joy. I wear her with pride. I don’t just set her down anywhere and I certainly don’t leave her anyplace. You better believe this handbag has my attention all the time – well it is a serous price to replace her. She never rides on the floor of the car and throwing her over my shoulder is an act of play that reaps shrieks of laughter and screams that say “I like that, do it again mommy”.

Once I step out with this handbag and make a public appearance it is on! From the grocery store to IHOP to Target to the park and don’t mention restaurants and church. Others seem to like this handbag quite a bit and always make comments to the tune of :- “So pretty”, “Oh so cute”, “I like…” and “O my so, so beautiful”. Some even want to hold my handbag for a while and others offer to take her home with them. If there are no comments the smiles and soft looks give away the hidden thoughts of the onlookers. My female companions who have similar totes easily begin to share their experiences and we seem to strike up an effortless bond.

Having this brand of handbag has brought me constant attention so I have to think twice about how I look so that I complement my handbag all the time. Since sometimes I just want to be chilled and easy with my threads this is a little pressure you know…sigh, but the handbag does always star the show.

Isn’t it funny how having a baby can change your world and experience as you know it?

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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  1. marsh says:

    your "exclusively KC – mini me oh and mini daddy too" have certainly changed your life. i have actually seen a side of you that i have never thought existed. your little "handbag" can't ask for nothing more, as she always grabs your attention; she is sheltered with all the love, care and attention she needs. keep on doing what you r doing. 🙂

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