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DIY Wall Makeover for Mommies

Today as I web-walked I saw this article on 39 Ways to give your walls a makeover. What was particularly grabbing is that the suggestions are sooo easy to do and includes many basic items you’d have around the house. Even as I was about to bookmark the page, I said, why not share this with other mums, who are keen on Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, but just may not have the ‘extra’ time. I am super pumped to start one of these, especially as the festive season rolls in. This is against the backdrop that I’ve dabbled in a few DIY projects myself…including giving my couches a full makeover, making christmas centre-pieces etc but sadly, I have no pics of those. I do have a snippet of some recyclable projects that I did recently enough though…

That wooden window blind, I used to cover a door that just always seemed out of place in the living room and since we do not ever use that side entrance, I decided to camouflage it. I also draped it and used tacks to make hanging posts and basically glues images to a gift bag that I cut in half, the hand mark piece is a cast we made of Kai’s hands and her first medal at pre-school athletics meet. I’ll add or subtract items as we go along, but this has become a cosy little corner in my living room and is wedged between too couches and has a side table in front of it….added a nice little touch. The vase (I deliberately took the shot sideways so you could see the gold strings I tied in place) is made from three baby formula cans stacked together and wrapped with that black fabric… The ‘flowers’ I’ve had for close to 2 years now when I made a wreath for a funeral back then. Also featured are two red trays I have no idea where I picked them up, but they used to store just about every odd item I found in Kai’s room. Recently, I plopped two photographs in, used ribbons to hold it together and voila. Now I’ve been meaning to do something for my wall- wanted to do a silhouette kinda splatter painting, but now seeing these ideas I’m duly excited. So I’ll go in search of supplies sometime next week and will be sure to post the finished products. Here’s the full list of suggestions. Feel free to join the DIY project and be sure to share your finished product with us. Here’s a slide of my fave from the article, mainly based on the materials used and how easily I think I can get them

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