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Ditch the Devices and Play at the Jamaican Mommies Family Picnic and Day of Play

Kingston, Jamaica: Ditch the gadgets and play as a family on Sunday June 30 is the charge as local parenting network Jamaican Mommies hosts the third staging of  its Family Picnic and Day of Play at the St Peter & Paul Preparatory school playground on 120 Old Hope Road.

The Family Picnic and Day of Play ties into Jamaican Mommies’ commitment to finding ingenious ways of reminding and encouraging families to play together since play is an integral part of bonding and development. This event therefore promises to be an authentic day of play packed with fun family activities that can also be used throughout the year to bring families closer together.

To achieve this goal, the Jamaican Mommies Picnic and Day of Play will feature fun family challenges which require teamwork and some coordination. Other activities will test endurance, such as the daddy marathon, and still others will touch on how much adults remember about childhood games. Essentially, the day will feature a fun lineup of activities, to include rides for every member of the family. No age limits!

According to Shanoy Coombs, founder of the Jamaican Mommies network and picnic conceptualizer, the concept was informed by the need to help parents to find creative ways to bond, get in some exercise and even release stress.

“The reality is that the average parent in the Jamaican Mommies network complains of being stressed and tired. Many parents express guilt too that the time spent with their child/ren is spent caring for them, helping with homework, chores, extracurriculars and more. What we have found is that when you ask the average parent to tally the number of hours actually spent doing a fun activity with their child, it really is minimal and so the Family Picnic and Day of Play is meant to engage mommies, daddies, Aunts, Uncles, children, everyone really to remind them of what it means to play” Coombs noted.

To ensure patrons have an inclusive experience, There will be lots of interesting vendors on location from which food and other novelty items can be bought. The event also features ride all day bands for both adult and children to completely immerse themselves in the day of play.

The MC for the day will be the vibrant Amita Persaud Webb with ticket costs at $600 for Adults, children 4-12 $400 and Toddlers FREE Ride all day band will cost $1200. Tickets are now available at Island Coffees Cafe at Devon House, Megamart Kingston and Portmore and online at www. firstinlineja.com

The event is sponsored by First in Line, Tang, Kraft, Heinz for baby,  Kai Kit, Tang, Kraft, First in Line, Kai Kit for Kids, Post, Ovaltine, Island Coffees Cafe, Anorak Productions, Oreo, Ovaltine, Heinz for Baby, Fitness Revolution as well as  event and communication firm Infinity IMC.

About Jamaican Mommies

Jamaican Mommies, a Jamaican based mommy network has been in operation since 2009 and continues to have a loyal following among Jamaican Mothers (and some dads) in Jamaica and the diaspora.  The blog www.Jamaicanmommies.com has in excess of 300, 000 unique page views to date.  Parents also connect and share ideas via JamaicanMommies on Facebook, Instagram and @JamaicanMommies on Twitter. For a look at previous Jamaican Mommies events, , see highlights at Jamaican Mommies Events Album

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