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Discussion #5: Discipline by example

Just recently I met a mother whose 2 year old son is quite the biter. He bites and slaps her at every oppurtunity he gets. On seeing the mother’s plight, another mom suggested that in order to get him to stop biting her, she needs to actually bite him so he will know that it hurts and be compelled to stop. The mother of course was distraught at the thought of biting her own child, while the other mom swears it works, once you do not intend to harm the child. So what, do you think, do you bite your child in order to teach him/her not to bite and do you slap your child to teach him/her not to be so quick to slap others? Your thoughts please..

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0 thought on Discussion #5: Discipline by example

  1. Sheena says:

    I'm 50/50 on this. I mean if you can find other ways to get your point across then fine I guess. However at the same time, if nothing else seems to work, the the lil bite, pinch or slap might just do the trick.

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