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Custom on It:Personalizing Products for Small Businesses on a Budget

We’re approaching gift season!!! and as the festivity rolls in, there is a cool new way to offer each of your loved ones, clients and customers personalized gifts and yearlong promotional options while supporting your fundraising initiatives- meet the solution Custom On it!!

Custom On It —formerly ST Bands–is a growing company that was founded in late 2007 during a freezing winter in Michigan by co-founders Adam Topping and Paul Serra. While the original idea was for ST Bands was to help musicians and small businesses have a go to company when it came to customizing head and wrist sweatbands; a spontaneous location move to Las Vegas allowed the business to grow more rapidly. In more recent months, and by recent we mean July of 2013, Custom On It has expanded exponentially by offering hundreds of new products that are great for all businesses. High quality custom products are what they strive to provide while keeping consumers happy throughout the entire process. Along with their recent expansion in products provided, Custom On It also now offers an exclusive blog they mindfully name Industry Insider. Industry Insider is a blog aimed to help give businesses the inside scoop, suggestions, tips, and tricks for what products and services may better work for their industry. Custom products are a great way to raise money; be it schools, clubs, or awareness organizations.

 With fundraising you have to come up with the perfect product to both easily show what you are trying to raise funds for as well as a product that is low cost. These products make it easier for schools and children to fundraise. Fundraising with personalized products will stop the age old, and might we mention dangerous, door to door cookie or Christmas paper wrap selling. Fundraisers and organizations can be set up in school and sold to parents, friends, and family easily and conveniently. One product – one price; you can make double even triple the money back with low cost products like silicone wristbands, wrist sweatbands, and many more products. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner you know that budgeting is highly important.

One of several customizable products carried by Custom On it

Another customizable product from Custom On It

Your profits will go every which way to ensure that you are covering all your expenses evenly while obviously making a profit. That’s what a business is about after all right? Creating excellent product and services, maintaining great prices, and of course making some profit is always the ideal outcome. Creating brand recognition and trust is important when it comes to building trust for your company.

Personalizing products for your business with your brand name as well as your information and website is said to be one of the more inexpensive, yet effective, forms of marketing.

 Why? Products branded for your business makes it easy to reach out to customers by giving them your information and creating an impression that will hopefully be lasting—and by far better than a plain old business card. What’s the more wonderful part of customizing a product to use as a business card or giveaway for your business? The possibilities for the number of products you can customize are endless—and what’s greater about it is that you can also choose to use more seasonal or business specific custom products. What’s better than being able to use your creativity to choose a great product?

Be sure to check out Custom at it via their website http://www.customonit.com/http://www.customonit.com/
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