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Garvey the Musical and your Invitation to a Special Screening!

Andre Bernard as Marcus Garvey faces off with Jean-Paul Menou as J. Edgar Hoover. Photos: Corve Dacosta “Educate Yourself, keep learning Educate yourself for you Educate yourself keep reading Educate yourself be true Educate yourself keep searching Educate yourself be free” -Garvey,  The Musical On Monday,  October 17, my 7 year old accompanied me to […]

Irish for a Day-St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Jamaica 2016

“Irish Town in Jamaica is linked to the Irish from Ireland?” like duh right? Looking back, it now seems so obvious but for some reason I have never quite made the connection, that is until a member of Jamaica’s Irish expatriate community shared details about the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Irish Town, Jamaica. As […]

Go Bananas with Monkey Bizniz: Family theatre Fun! Do. Go. See!!

It sounds like Boom shakka lacka “Tikka laka, macka jukka, banana peel…….Say what? Or you may find yourself wondering, do they mean lotion like a play on potion or lution which goes with Evolution? In any case, before you’re likely to figure it out, you may just get distracted enough to hear a very long winded […]

Jamaica Epicurean Escape- Food, Frolic and Family Fun!!!

The Plan This Labour Day weekend, while we wondered what family activity to do, we decided: 1. We wanted to be away from home 2. We wanted the sun, sand, sea 3. With some no gym days we could also spare a little more than the average tummy space for some good food!! 4. More […]

Lifestyle in a box: The Sugarplum box

“Ooh yes”, “I love this”, “lovely”, “smells so good”, “Oh gosh I’ve been wanting this for a bit” “Cant wait to use it”  Those were some of my many outbursts as I excitedly ripped through the contents of my Sugar Plum Box and my outbursts were warranted as this one little box seemed to be […]

Made in Jamaica: fabulous kiddies outfits at affordable rates

  “Every Girl deserves Twirls” and especially when you have toddlers who make you gush once you see cutesy rows of dresses, skirts, tops and the like. But before I start going all gaga over all things girly, let’s introduce our fabulous Made in Jamaica find. At Jamaican Mommies, we’re suckers for all things entrepreneurial […]

Tamika you did It! Book Review and Arawak Giveaway #2

Congratulations to our first batch of winners. For the month of February, our book is for the older kids. However, younger kids may very well enjoy the familiar Jamaican dialogue and situations. “Tamika you did it” tells the story of a 11 year old Tamika, who is intent on being reunited with her father back […]


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