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10 Black History Quotes to inspire Greatness

Every year as February rolls in, it forces me to start thinking about Black History Month and what this means to me. The thing is, I grew up hearing about Black history Month but never quite thought about it’s importance until I aged. Interestingly, it is often my school age daughter who starts some conversation […]

Creating a Family Specific vision board

Happy 2019! Happy New Year! So I jumped over to my professional platform to do a quick blog post about the power of the Yes manifest or how positive thinking translates to a positive life and it propelled me to share how this positive mantra should also be brought over to family life and relationships […]

Mother with sons event engages moms of boys

Following on a global mandate to engage men and boys, the recent Mother with Sons event focused on engaging mothers of boys with the aim to equip them with tools to “Catapult him to greatness” Hosted jointly with GEIN Transformation and Compass Consulting, the event fits into a direction endorsed globally by MenCare International, a Global Fatherhood […]

MenCare Partner in Jamaica starts with boys: Engages Mothers to change parenting dynamics

In well over 45 countries, MenCare: A global fatherhood campaign promotes men’s active, equitable and non violent involvement as fathers and caregivers around the world. Freshly minted Jamaican based partner, ParentGoodJa/Jamaican Mommies has partnered with Compass LLC on an interesting approach by targeting Mothers with sons at an engaging and interactive session under the title […]

Quick Tips for dating as a single mother

  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a carriage? Reality check! with the changing dynamics in the relationship space that order may or may not be the norm. Moreover as relationships end and new ones begin, inevitably, there is a growing segment of “single mothers who want to remain single” “Singular […]

Jamaican Mommies coordinates moms in need charitable drive

Jamaican Mommies in collaboration with its sisterhood of Jamaican Moms at home and in the diaspora are on a mission to be our sister’s keeper by providing needy moms with clothing, toys and other back to school items. The drive is a collaborative action between Jamaican Moms in the diaspora and the local Jamaican Mommies […]

#JustTry 10 Actionable Tips for being a better Parent

Parenting, as we know, can be the most complex, yet rewarding path in this life.  Unfortunately, with all the other high stress factors in our daily lives, as parents we do get overwhelmed, we do ignore our kids, our spouses and even the things we once loved.  Some days the gravity of it all may […]

Practical tips for keeping the family together with author Melanie Schwapp

A few weeks ago, I was a part of an audience with bubbly moms and dads at a local parenting event. While the night featured hilarious, laugh out loud moments, what stuck the most were the very impactful presentations. With the theme Paving the path from diapers to diplomas” flowing throughout the series of activities, the […]

Single with Kids on Valentine’s Day? Tips to ensure you never feel left out!

It’s just about Valentine’s Day and when you think of it, What really comes to mind? Likely, you conjure images of candlelight dinners, chocolates, roses, scented massages, romantic days and nights and essentially everything R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C. But what happens when you a. A Single Parent with Kids b. Have a partner AND Kids (with no sitter)? […]


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