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As a part of our committment to encouraging wholesome family time, Jamaican Mommies hosts family driven activities with the family’s needs in mind. Our events are primarily on the edu-tainment side-seeking to educate and entertain at the same time. Have a look at some of our events.

Ditch the Devices and Play at the Jamaican Mommies Family Picnic and Day of Play

Kingston, Jamaica: Ditch the gadgets and play as a family on Sunday June 30 is the charge as local parenting network Jamaican Mommies hosts the third staging of  its Family Picnic and Day of Play at the St Peter & Paul Preparatory school playground on 120 Old Hope Road. The Family Picnic and Day of Play […]

Creating a Family Specific vision board

Happy 2019! Happy New Year! So I jumped over to my professional platform to do a quick blog post about the power of the Yes manifest or how positive thinking translates to a positive life and it propelled me to share how this positive mantra should also be brought over to family life and relationships […]

Mother with sons event engages moms of boys

Following on a global mandate to engage men and boys, the recent Mother with Sons event focused on engaging mothers of boys with the aim to equip them with tools to “Catapult him to greatness” Hosted jointly with GEIN Transformation and Compass Consulting, the event fits into a direction endorsed globally by MenCare International, a Global Fatherhood […]

MenCare Partner in Jamaica starts with boys: Engages Mothers to change parenting dynamics

In well over 45 countries, MenCare: A global fatherhood campaign promotes men’s active, equitable and non violent involvement as fathers and caregivers around the world. Freshly minted Jamaican based partner, ParentGoodJa/Jamaican Mommies has partnered with Compass LLC on an interesting approach by targeting Mothers with sons at an engaging and interactive session under the title […]

Jamaican Mommies coordinates moms in need charitable drive

Jamaican Mommies in collaboration with its sisterhood of Jamaican Moms at home and in the diaspora are on a mission to be our sister’s keeper by providing needy moms with clothing, toys and other back to school items. The drive is a collaborative action between Jamaican Moms in the diaspora and the local Jamaican Mommies […]

Jamaican Mommies Picnic promises day of play for entire family!

When was the last time you truly played? with your child? or the family?   This Mother’s Day, local parenting network Jamaican Mommies is on a mission to remind and re-encourage families to play together via its Mother’s Day Picnic.   Set for Sunday, May 13, 2018 (Mother’s Day), the event is being labelled an […]

Successful Jamaican Mommies Picnic encouraged family Play: Patrons eager for a repeat

This Mother and Daughter duo had a blast at the Jamaican Mommies Mothers’ Day Picnic at Hope Gardens in Kingston   Remember when we made much ado about the Mothers’ Day staging of our Jamaican Mommies Picnic? two weeks later and the positive comments are still reeling in and just this weekend when a vendor […]

Free Jamaican Mommies Picnic set to delight on Mothers’ Day

Pays Special Tribute to Moms on Mother’s Day while encouraging  family fun   On Sunday May 11, 2014 the Hope Gardens Band Stand and lawns in Kingston, Jamaica will teem with life and excitement as Jamaican Mommies in association with the Write House and family station Love 101 stages the inaugural Jamaican Mommies Mothers’ Day […]


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