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Getting your Kids to help

For those of you with older kids, I thought this would be of value. Check out this piece from one of my now fave blogs V and Company. Enjoy the article here. To add a few tips of our own: 1. Make it Fun: Your Kids are more likely to help with chores if it […]

The Professional Mom

Looking on the HUGE pile of laundered clothes that were to be put away from the longest while, I put put a lengthy sigh and somewhere in my head I screamed…HELP I need a HELPER. It also got me thinking of motherly demands and moreso, demands of a professional mom who tries to balance work, […]

Getting that ME time that every mom deserves

Whether you are a freshly minted or seasoned mom, there are bound to be days when you miss the ability to just be up and out or simply to be able to savour the aroma of your favourite glass of coffee or wine- you know just enjoy some ME TIME. For many reasons, this Me […]

People Pickney

Just a little Jamaican flavour 🙂 Enjoy By: Shanoy CoombsNone a wi like dem people pickney Who ever seem full of ills and bad will. None a wi like how dem ‘loose’ and stayFor after all we never grow our pickney dem ways. Dose skool girls, dem force ripe ones and dem crusty boysIs how […]

Having Kids Mean

I got this one from one of our avid readers Tya Willis, feel free to add what having kids mean to you in the comments box below or use the inline comment box at the top of the page. So this morning at 6″am” on a Saturday, my girls were awake. I got to thinking..do […]

Ode to my lil Princess

When Rajneesh uttered the words “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new” he must have done so on a whim of extraterrestrial inspiration. This quote proves to be only too relevant and true. Rewind […]

Being a child again

I’m sure you’ve all thought at some point just how carefree children are and how much innocence and absence of responsibilities are the greater desirabilities of life. At the same time, isnt it funny that things that you were once oblivious to becomes so pronounced once you’re a mom? Funny eh? Not quite, but at […]


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Putting yourself first as a mom

If you’re anything like me…you would be caught up in the thrill and tense moments of being a mom, moreso a new one and at times it seems there are just never enough hours in a day. You wake early, retire late and fit a hundred things and more (related and unrelated to your child/ren) […]


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