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Babysitting Hey Fran Hey:Candlelight Yoga & Digi 5k Night Run

How’s that for a JamaicanMommies appropriate title? lol We sure got your attention right? Well do read on!!

A few days ago we blogged about all the excitement at getting a chance to meet Francheska of Hey Fran Hey and thanks to our friends at PRANA Lifestyle  the reality was dreamier than the thought.

CandleLight YogaFor starters on Friday night, we hopped on over to Grosvenor Galleries for Candlelight Yoga. I got there a little late and was hesitant about joining as the session seemed to be in full swing, but my sister who came along with me was so excited about what she saw and so we both gave in. I’m so glad I did as it was just about perfect- very cool winds coming from the hills, night animal sounds, fragrant candles all around, yoga-tistic music and the soothing voice of our yoga instructor, Vitra Gopee of the Jamaica Yoga Association (JAYA).. I doubt my body has been stretched this much for a bit but once I got over the initial ‘stiffness’I thoroughly enjoyed it especially once we cooled down and got in ‘free your mind, free your body mode- perfect peace I tell ya.

After the experience I am now a firm believer in Yoga for mamas.. I swear it de-stresses and clears the mind in a way that is indescribable.

Vitra Gopee of Jamaica Yoga Association leads the hour long Yoga session
(Image via Itality Wellness Media)

Then adding more holistic fuel was Shakti/Starfish Oils boss, Sharon Feanny sharing more about her fitness journey-truly touching stories of moving from a place of desolation to finding true inner peace, fuelled by one’s passion.  The mama in me was particularly touched when she spoke of challenges linked to raising 3 young children while operating a business and while her hubster had to be away from the family. In the end, she made a very family oriented decision.

And then!! the highlight of the night, lady Franchesca Medina, NYC based Lifestyle Blogger of Hey Fran Hey fame came to give her motivational talk and that she did in such cutesy, girl next door, let’s just reason together kinda fashion. I really loved how she made it all sound like we were just a group of gal pals reasoning together about all things, healthy, hearty and happy.  I especially loved her DIY tips on how to take care of hair and body and then her inspiring story about how she made a full natural and wholesome transition after being bedridden for months with a medical condition. In a phrase, Fran is certainly a doll!!! and really made the Candlelight Yoga experience complete.

Jamaican Mommies Founder, Shanoy Coombs with 
Francheska of Hey Fran Hey
Now what of our Spurious Babysitting Fran title?
Digicel 5k Night Run
 On Saturday night, I hesitantly trekked to the Night Run. It was my first night run and I was tired. I just wanted to sleep in after a whirlwind week at work. But I knew our special guest would be joining the run and again I’m glad I pushed on.  
With little time to stretch and warm up, I was grateful I had done the Yoga session the night before as it made my body supple and ready.. I was in a good place. Several snaps later with my Hey Fran Hey branded naturalistas we were ready to rumble. 
Some of the members of the “Hey Fran Hey” Posse do team snap shots 
before the start of the race

The real highlight of the night however was getting to be a tour guide/running mate if you may for Lady Fran (hence ‘baby sitting’:-) In truth though, she needed no baby-ing and was clearly the boss of this show. I made it a point of duty to show her a bit of the historic sites we passed while running and I even explained a bit about why all the stores were closed, why so much European architecture and the like.

But I am immensely happy that I chose to do the run- with the real reward being keeping up with Fran.  She was a ball full of energy, slowing only to snap various giggledy videos and photos of children at the water stops, young men dancing close to the finish line and cheering us on etc.
In the end, we crossed the finish line together with our normally less than impressive 48:44 timing knowing that the real reward was in the experience: 1. Giving back to Charity for persons with special needs 2. The first night run for both of us. 
And with just about perfect weather and the noticeable absence of the sometimes blinding sun, we had a great run-one that will go down in my books as one of the best ever.
The weekend of wholesome activities also solidified the need for me to resume my healthy life journey. This Yoga and run clearly did it in for me in terms of giving me a energetic boost. 
Special thanks again to Fran for making the trip. I certainly hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did. 
Did any of you Jmomma fans make it out to any of the “Fran in Ja” events? How was it for you? Let us know!!

Jamaican Mommies founder Shanoy Coombs and NYC based 
Lifestyle Blogger Hey Fran Hey cross the finish line
 at the Digicel 5k Night run in Kingston, Jamaica
Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
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  1. Lily B says:

    I wish I was there:( But thank you for sharing your experience…sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  2. You are most welcome 🙂 I had so much fun I just had to share 🙂

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