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Are you that sometimes “sooo on the right track” and the next minute you’re “sooo not” kind of parent?

Can you relate to laughing until you cry when your child blurts out an inappropriate but deadly funny joke?

Are there days when you are grinning from ear to ear and the next minute slumped in a corner surrounded by worry and fear?

Welcome to Motherhood! Parenthood and everything in between. Even with our diversity, global differences and locations, there are several shared themes on this parenthood journey and here at Jamaican Mommies, we’re just adding another colourful view from over here in Jamaica to over there to you and you and you-wherever you are!

Jamaican Mommies was created to celebrate and dissect this parenting thing.  It’s a space where it’s ok to say I honestly don’t know what I’m doing or to ask am I doing this right?  Heck that’s me just about everyday. It’s all trial and error backed by the will to Just try to be a better parent…

Fun Fact: I am still figuring this mom thing…

Back in 2009, I was scared almost silly when I discovered I was growing an entire human being. Not so fun fact, I had some negative run ins with other people’s kids and swore off having my own. But then there I was deciding I would give this the very best shot. While My bundle grew from a pin (sized) to an anchor (it sure felt like it), I began hoping for a way to connect with more local moms, to get their feedback, to find out if my concerns were legitimate or if I was a constant worry warthog. Then it happened, a few months after popping out my now 9 year old, I started what has now become Jamaican Mommies- an outlet to share all things parenting related with other moms. Though Jamaican based, our content is relate-able and can appeal to parents wherever they are!


To date, this vision has actualized with a loyal following among parents at home and abroad and from countries I’ve only seen on a globe.  Mommies (and some dads) also connect and share ideas via JamaicanMommies on Facebook (page),  Instagram and @JamaicanMommies on Twitter. Real world conversations, tips and advice is also sought via our Jamaican Mommies Private Facebook Group. 


The Jamaican Mommies brand has been gaining steady  momentum, with its founder/Editor Shanoy Coombs appearing on the Jamaican Morning Programme, Smile Jamaica on consecutive Mother’s Day sharing tips on  life as a mommy blogger and Mothers’ Day gift ideas.  Jamaican Mommies also contributed to the Flair Magazine with an article titled 10 Things Parents Should Know.

Jamaican Mommies has partnered and continues to partner with several established child/parenting/charitable events providing  varied online features and sponsorship support for events including Dress for Success’ High tea at the British High Commission, Special Needs Legal and Financial seminar among others.

To accommodate increasing requests, Jamaican Mommies also offers event coverage, promotional posts, family theatre and event reviews and so much more.


In 2014, Jamaican Mommies reached another major milestone with the successful staging of its FREE Mothers’ Day Picnic– a way of paying tribute to moms and giving the gift of family entertainment on Mothers’ Day. Since then a series of Events have been hosted all with the aim to bring families closer together or offer parental support.

Jamaican Mommies has several plans underway to continue making a meaningful mark for parents and children all in a bid to encourage healthy family relationships.  More Anon!!

For further information, to provide feedback or suggestions please use our contact us box, email us at jamaicanmommies@gmail.com and connect with us on FacebookInstagram and twitter.

Be in the know! Let’s tackle this parenting journey together


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