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5 Simple Activities Kids Thoroughly Enjoy WITH YOU!!!

We’re all about Guest Bloggers and have a special place for #DadsWhoBlog As such Jamaican Mommies welcomes guest blogger George Schalter from Educational Kids Games. His post below embodies much of what Jamaican Mommies have been championing as it relates to spending quality time with your kids through practical tips for keeping the family together . Read on…

Parents, don’t you just love seeing your kids’ faces light up with joy and excitement as they’re having fun? Of course you do! Unfortunately though, it isn’t often that we actively plan for such experiences, since we tend to believe that they require a lot of time, effort, money, or even all three! Fortunately, that is far from true. Kids are easily entertained, and you can create special moments with them by indulging in quick, fun activities that they’re bound to enjoy.

Here are five activity ideas to get you started.

Eyeing a Big Bubble” by Michael Bentley is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Science experiments– I’m quite certain you weren’t expecting to see this one on the list. However, it’s a rare kid that doesn’t enjoy taking part in fun science experiments at home. Not sure what I’m talking about? You can send secret letters to each other using invisible ink, create lighting in your mouth and make a rocket with a bottle, all in the name of science. End the activity with a brief explanation of the scientific principles involved, and you’ve even managed to sneak in a bit of learning! Bravo!

Connecting with nature– Simple it may be, but it’s also very special. There’s nothing like enjoying the wind whipping through your hair, or gazing at the stars at night. Teach your kids to appreciate nature by planning fun activities around it. Going for a nature walk around the neighborhood, camping out in your backyard or even hunting for bugs are all fun ways to enjoy nature with your kids. You can even start a long-term project such as gardening and then keep the kids involved by making them water the plants on a regular basis.

Playing online games – with you! – Do your kids love playing online games? If yes, then this is something you really should try. Sit down with your children and spend some time playing the games they love. This simple act shows your kids that you care about them and their interests and it gives you a new way to connect with them. You can use your newfound understanding of their games to fuel future conversations. Find out why they love pet gamesor virtual world games so much. You can even teach them important life skills by drawing parallels to the games they play. Kids can learn responsibility, good spending habits, teamwork and more from playing online games.

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Creating things with their hands– Studies have shown that art and craft activities are therapeutic, and are great for mental well-being. Working on crafts creates a sense of achievement and improves self-esteem. What’s more, kids love it! You don’t even need craft supplies to get started. You can make masterpieces using items from around the house such as toilet paper rolls, newspaper and bottle caps. You can also create stuff outdoors with leaves and twigs. The only rules to follow are to let your creativity run free and to have a good time.

Playing outside– Spending time outdoors in pleasant weather puts everyone in a good mood. Encourage your brood to step outside by offering to play outdoor games with them. A simple game of tag, catch or even a water balloon fight will soon have the entire family grinning from ear to ear. With younger kids, get down to their level with activities both of you can enjoy, such as blowing bubbles and playing with sand.
These seemingly simple activities, when done on a regular basis, play an important role in keeping the family together and building a strong bond between you and your kids.

Author Bio:
George Schalter loves being a dad. He and his wife share the joys and responsibilities of bringing up their two children. As believers of good all round education, they spend a lot of time playing with their children and spending time outdoors. As George is the writer in the family, he blogs at Educational Kids Games and can be found via Facebook  Twitter and Google+

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