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10 Black History Quotes to inspire Greatness

Every year as February rolls in, it forces me to start thinking about Black History Month and what this means to me. The thing is, I grew up hearing about Black history Month but never quite thought about it’s importance until I aged. Interestingly, it is often my school age daughter who starts some conversation around a Black History Month related topic that they are discussing at school. This has forced me to think about what Black History should mean not only for me but for her who is still grasping several concepts and making sense of them.

Over time, the significance of a Black History Month celebration has continued to stand out. You see, even with modern realities, many tend to forget about the history and accomplishments of the black race-a history that should be remembered at all times, but sadly often only brought to the fore in February.

Alas, I thought it fitting to compile a list of quotes that you can reflect on ever so often and share with Family and Friends to help everyone to remain focused on their goals and inspire them to Greatness.

As a mommy, one of my all time favourite Black History Month Quote relates to children. It reads:

I find this post particularly compelling as it speaks to the essence of positive and engaged parenting and how this sets the tone for the kind of adult we are likely to raise. It also zooms in on the importance of setting the right foundation or as my mom often says “Prevention is better than cure”

And while our Post title says 10 Black History Month Quotes, we threw in a bonus and added our voice to the quotes. After all, Black History Month is indeed much more than a month. It’s a mindset and a map!

What’s your fave Black History Month Quote? Have a look at our 10 plus bonus Black History Month Quotes that can inspire you towards greatness. It’s available as a slide and can also be downloaded via link below.

Happy Black History Month, Go on out and be empowered to do great things! Remember, it starts when you believe that YOU CAN DO IT!


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