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Month: November 2013

Sponsor a girl this Christmas: Child Empowerment Camp

Every Christmas, we are filled with thoughts of warmth, happiness and the importance of the gift of giving. This Christmas, how about giving to a young girl who can TRULY benefit from self esteem development and several other life skills?   Through the Just for girls Christmas camp you can do just that by sponsoring […]

Take care of the woman within!! The Girlfriendz Way

Ladies enjoy themselves at a previous staging of Girlfriendz-Ladies night at Acropolis lounge in Kingston, Jamaica When was the last time you truly did something FOR YOU?! Often as women, mothers, aunts, sisters, , girlfriends, wives, we are so busy nurturing and taking care of everyone else, we forget to tend to the very core […]

Lifestyle in a box: The Sugarplum box

“Ooh yes”, “I love this”, “lovely”, “smells so good”, “Oh gosh I’ve been wanting this for a bit” “Cant wait to use it”  Those were some of my many outbursts as I excitedly ripped through the contents of my Sugar Plum Box and my outbursts were warranted as this one little box seemed to be […]

Parents Month 2013: Here’s how you can Celebrate

We know Parenting is a lifelong committment and the greatest reward is having children who have benefitted from having a loving, caring environment with appropriate guidance to help them thrive. yet ever so often, everyone else outside of our parenting bubble pauses long enough to recognize the challenges, triumphs and versatility that comes with parenting […]

Custom on It:Personalizing Products for Small Businesses on a Budget

We’re approaching gift season!!! and as the festivity rolls in, there is a cool new way to offer each of your loved ones, clients and customers personalized gifts and yearlong promotional options while supporting your fundraising initiatives- meet the solution Custom On it!! Custom On It —formerly ST Bands–is a growing company that was founded […]

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