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Month: April 2013

Jamaican Mommies on Smile Jamaica Morning Television Show

It is always with much delight when what started as a hobby gets recognized as much more. Such is the case for what started as an outlet to share my many parenting wonders and woes back in 2009- a few months after becoming a mother. Since its debut, Jamaican Mommies has enjoyed some wonderful features […]

Mean Green Smoothie Slurping Momma Machine

For quite a while I meant to write a blog post on my Green Smoothie Journey… I however delayed several times as I didn’t want to take away from the mommy focus of this blog, but the more I blended and juiced and whipped stuff up, it led me to exploring other healthy options not […]

“Mommy I DON’T miss you” What?! OMG! *heartbroken* *Tears*

Many moons ago I blogged about dealing with separation anxiety but that was all of about 4 years in. I now have a very independent and mouthy toddler on hand and well…I still get very emotional when she’s away and more so when she verbalizes that she does not miss me!!! (did you hear that […]

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