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Month: August 2011

A Big Baby Shower- Lifestyle parenting event- Sunday August 28, 2011

Tomorrow ” A Big Baby Shower”, a parenting lifestyle event kicks off at Devon House’s East lawns (1:00-6:00 p.m.). The event’s creators have described the event as follows: “A Big Baby shower will focus on the emotional, practical and aesthetic aspects of pregnancy and parenthood. Our aim is to inform, pamper and support mothers during […]

Of Toddlers and Thunderstorms…..then you’re NEEDED!!

” Daddy, Daddy!!! came the terrified screams from the other room as our 2 year old toddler experienced one of her first thunderstorms. She continued shrieking and clutching us tightly even as she was snuggled up between both of us in bed. With a tear stained face, she kept hollering “It’s scary mommy” and even […]

Blog Swap 2011- Theme: Summer

Woot woot Its the annual Blog Swap, when another 20 something blogger takes over your blog for a day.. Erika from my life in pictures takes over my blog for the day. We were given the topic ‘summer’ and to blog about anything we did this summer, any favourite summer memory etc… So have a […]

When Baby is away…

So its Summer!!! That fabulous time of the year earmarked for fun, sun, relaxation and all things wonderfully exciting. Summer for a fortunate set also means a break from school and/or work. And for us mums, summer often means baby goes away to spend quality time with relatives. So with both grandmas having a little […]

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