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Month: September 2009

Discussion #1 Weight Management

In trying to boost the interactive element here, each week we’ll have a Tuesday and Discussion topic. Today, I touch on an issue that I think women on average face, that of weight management-gain or loss. So let us know, Are you trying to lose or gain weight? Are you meeting your target? What does […]

Bridging the Gap…Help Raise Funds for Local Autism foundation

At a time when more and more persons are recognising the importance of education in all its form, it becomes more than crucial for parents/guardians to identify the challenges their children face and how to help them overcome these, so they can in turn reap success. Sadly, for some parents this ‘identification process’ is more […]

Happy Anniversary to Us and We are that Family induction

Good Morning all! Today is indeed a great day. Just diverting a bit from my usual content to let you know that yesterday I celebrated an even greater day- My first anniversary!! Three Cheers for the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Coombs. We had two days of fun (including days with our little pookie bear and […]

The Real deal on what to do once baby arrives

So your baby is finally here. Now what? If you are anything like millions of mothers before, you would be asking this question. You are still shaky knowing that you have another life to actually take care of and also empowered that you have made it thus far, but then you can’t help but have […]

One on One with Maia Chung: Jamaican Celeb Mom #2

We know her as the previous Anchor Woman on CVM’s News Spot. More recently, she has continued to make her Mark as an advocate for persons with disabilities via The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation. Through this medium, she offers people with hope; hope that they are not defined by their disabilities and hope […]

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