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Month: August 2009

When they speak…Listen

Just one morning, while heading off to work, I saw a little boy of about 5 or so with his mother. She proceeded to stop a taxi and then asked the driver if she could get a brief stop to a certain community to leave her child for the day. On hearing the place’s name, […]

Jamaican Mommies Picnic Rescheduled

Following the big hurrah about the picnic that was to be. I have to unfortunately inform that the picnic has been rescheduled due to many last minute cancellations. However, as with all good ideas, I think this deserves another run so we can make it happen. This time I’ll ask for your feedback along the […]

Woot Woot..Jamaican mommies Picnic this Sunday

Since forever (well more like since I became a mother) I’ve been looking forward to a suitable forum to bond with other mothers and their kids without feeling guilty (Yes I feel guilty when I bombard my non-mommy friends with all things parenting related) to which I normally get cries of “Oh My God, you […]

Home is where the heart is

Good Day to all my wonderful readers. I have been MIA for quite a bit (As it relates to posts, however, I have continued to check on my space, just to see if any comments or suggestions have been left). Hope My posts were somewhat missed? I’ve been quite busy to say the least, juggling […]

Its Back to school time: Making shopping easier

Yes, you got it right, It’s already back to school time and while many parents may be slightly relieved to have their children out of the house more often, others are dreading back to school shopping. This often proves to be quite a task..But fear not, things can be so much easier once you have […]

Helping your Unruly and Indisciplined Children to succeed

Recently, we spoke about preparing your child for a successful life here and one of our keen readers expressed a certain liking for the article, but said it sounded very much like the ideal situation, in terms of the children being obviously disciplined, hence making their success easier. With that in mind, we did promise […]

Preparing your child for a successful life

In a society where there seems to be many ills and negative influences, many parents bemoan the fact that their children do not have enough positive influences that suggest they’ll have a successful life. While it is a constant desire to see one’s child/children succeed, many lack the know-how to actually get the desired results. […]

What no one told you about being a new mom

This one is for my mommy to be readers.. (Smile Nikki). As a mother of a babbling and very active 6 and a half month older (you can never imagine how much times I have to say DON’T and NO, to which she normally smiles and continues doing whatever) I think I have a fair […]

A lil Comic pick me up

Wow, doesn’t she just go on and on..pretty funny Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. Thomas Jefferson Share This0

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