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Month: July 2009

E-Store Review: Oh Baby Jamaica.com

Just recently, a random search led me here. Now I’ve always been bemoaning the fact that unlike persons in the states, many Jamaican stores did not offer a convenient online order system. Hence I was more than pleasantly surprised to stumble on Ohbabyjamaica.com. The store features a range of Baby products under the headers: Baby […]

Pickney Nah Hold yuh down

Pickney (Child/Children)nah hold yuh dungNuh man cawn tie yuh dung– Beenie Man, Gimme Likkle Before, you get to thinking I’m about to be on the bandwagon with the rhyhtm/vibe/words of this song, get that out of your mind. Now let’s get to business. Don’t get me wrong, I have a certain appreciation for Beenie man […]

Guest Blogger #2- TORN

Today, the lovely Opie anderson, a fellow Jamaican mom is our guest blogger. She explores an issue with which us mommies are all too familiar-that of the dreaded return to work. This always becomes so much harder the longer it is delayed. Opie captures the feelings, emotions and the despair at having to leave your […]

Operation Life- Changing the lives of troubled youths

Having Spoken to Kiki the other day, I did say she was one woman dynamo and proving us right, she has launched a new project, Operation Life. Operation life aims at reaching troubled youths. I’ll not reinvent the wheel, so just have a look at the details below as listed on the project’s face book […]

Guest Blogger-Getting your Bum into gear

Today I have a guest blogger as a part of our 20-something blogger swap day..Show her some love and be sure to check out the post I wrote for her blog here Hi Everyone! I’m Habbala and as part of the 20something blogger’s annual blog sway Shan and I are trading blogs for the day. […]

one on one with Kerie “Kiki” Lewis

  Here’s good news to clear the Monday Blues; I promised features on Jamaican celeb mommies and here’s the first installment. Meet Kerie- Ann ‘Kiki’ Thombs. Many of you may know her from the Rising Stars Chill room and as the previous host for TVJ’s Intense. On and off screen Kiki exudes radiating charm and […]

Friday Comic Relief

TGIF and just to give the Friday cheer that mommies need. Here are a few clips i found to be funny/true/ both. Happy Viewing. You’ve probably seen this already, but this little boy is too cute, telling his mommy he doesn’t like her all the time. And the Evil Eye.lol And another from Baby Blues, […]

Graceful Parenting

Being a Parent is probably one of the most delicate, yet rewarding experience. It can be quite frustrating however, when one becomes overwhelmed with the mammoth list of to dos and not to dos. But what remains most important is that in all your decisions, you treat your child with love and respect. These twin […]

Self-Improvement for the 21st Century woman

So here’s another reason why I love blog hopping: women every where love to feel strong, empowered, happy and sexy and when you’re a mom that still remains applicable. Hence I thought Lesley’s from All Women Stalk’s list of Top 10 Self Improvement books were worth pursuing. I’d also love to add Steve Harvey’s “Act […]

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