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Month: June 2009

Summer craft for Kids

Recently i wrote about Mommy and Me Summer Fun and what do you know, a hop over to U Create, one of the blogs I follow had this link to fabulous summer crafts for kids…Way to go on getting your kids creatively active this summer. Check out these uber creative ideas here. Nothing can stop […]

Dealing with separation anxiety

So I’ve been back at work for the past 4 months, but still can’t get the hang of being away from my dear little one. I didn’t imagine it would take this much getting used to and i certainly assumed that with her away from the grasps of daycare, I’d be more comfortable and less […]

When the going gets tough

Until today, all seemed a breeze in the life of a mother. I’ve been experiencing all things blessed, happy and remarkable… until today. Its in moments like these that one sometimes ponder the fact that no matter what you do, you can and never will control some influences in your life. It also begs one […]

Happy Father’s Day

Its been a busy weekend, but I just wanted to wish all Dads a Happy father’s day. This being huzzy’s first was truly a remarkable one. We got lil missy all dressed up for church and then went for a night cap. This one is short today. And a special poem for the Best dad […]

Weighing in on the GSAT Debate in Jamaica

Since its introduction, much has been said about the Grade Six Acheivement test (GSAT) in Jamaica. While results in the Math and Science fields have constantly been at the lowest ends, probably one of the biggest debates has been sparked by Minister Andrew Holness’ comments in the aftermath of 2009 results. An interesting article that […]

200th visitor

Today, June 17th at 11:07 a.m. My hits score recorded my 200th visitor.. So again I offer a big shout out to all those who have visited this blog. Do come back again soon and feel free to always share with us what you want to see on Jamaicanmommies.comA Big Thank You. BlessingsXO Shan Nothing […]

Mommy and Me Summer Fun

Its almost the end of June and what do you know, SCHOOL’s OUT. While this may mean you get to see your kids more (happy face), It may also mean You get to see your kids more (ugghhh). Come on, I know we love our kids and all, but let’s be real, sometimes when your […]

A Mother’s prayer

A random google search for mother’s prayer led me to so many beautiful pieces I just had to share. These can be read in down times to help and boost all moms who may be running out of energy. Congrats on being a mother and feel rewarded at a job well done. Prayer 1- Very […]

Vaccinations ugggh- The love/hate relationship

So I figured I haven’t really shared much about my personal experience as a mother, but only recently (This friday in fact) I took my little one for 4 month shots and got to thinking just how much i love (make that appreciate/hate those vaccination thingys. So first of all she hates all things that […]

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